Enable improved EV charging with HorsePower: Combining AI and Blockchain during Odyssey Hackathon

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What’s a Hackathon?

At a hackathon, many coders, developers and white shawl hackers accommodate to rise in a brief though unequivocally complete time, e.g. 48 hours during a time, a resolution thought for any problem and directly rise a technical prototype. Often some plan teams are awarded during a end. What is combined in a hackathon by a giveaway minds is outward of bland work and projects, it can be out of a box ideas that are not grown further, or it can be a start of something big — Twitter was combined that way.

The world’s biggest Blockchain AI hackathon took place in a Netherlands, in an aged ‘Suikerfabriek’ in Groningen. The support of a city and supervision was great.

The Problem(s): Charging of EV’s needs of the grid

As patron and owners of an electric vehicle, we wish to assign my automobile whenever needed. However, due to a limit internal line capacity, as good as building infrastructure blank ability for a flourishing volume of EVs, not all EVs can assign during a same time. It competence not even be probable to implement a supercharger for any patron due to technical limitations.

Grid operators can't solve this issue, as a building infrastructure belongs to a landlord. Besides their singular eagerness to deposit in horse infrastructure, a earthy reduction on what is probable qualifies as a critical constraint. Wall boxes for charging cars are not expensive — it is a powerline with a clever circuit breaker (32A) behind any horse that is prohibitively expensive. There will potentially be reduction 22KW appetite lines accessible in a building than 22KW chargers.

Utility companies, such as Vattenfall, also have short-term peaks in internal appetite demand, e.g. when many drivers come home in a dusk or everybody starts brewing coffee in a morning. These peaks are costly for application companies, as they need to deposit in sequence to be prepared for these peaks.

Odyssey Hackathon, 2019, Porsche AG

Climate change is thespian and requires an evident change in a approach we hoop a planet. Society has a seductiveness to rethink mobility by pulling for some-more electric vehicles. In sequence to be means to make that change, softened entrance to charging infrastructure is urgently required.

The Solution: A intelligent and decentral charging discharging solution

The patron and owners of an electric automobile can always bond a automobile to a charging infrastructure, even if a ability of a electrical lines stays limited, and a series of EVs significantly increases. An intelligent program organizes a charging of all connected vehicles according to their use profiles, to guarantee any automobile is charged amply when it is needed.

“We combined a plans for a mild that helps internal communities to take matters into their hands and get a compulsory infrastructure in place.”

As village members give divided control over a charging process, they accept a advantage in return, factually distributed as electricity cost and kWh, though communicated as ‘free pushing for ancillary a internal community’.

We combined a plans for a mild that helps internal communities to take matters into their hands and get a compulsory infrastructure in place. Together, members can attend in internal communities for mobile appetite plants with their EV’s batteries. Intelligent program manages a charging of cars formed on a accessibility and cost of electricity as good as a use patterns rescued for a cars.

If a AC magnitude fluctuates outward a mobile appetite plant due to high appetite demand, a plant might recover over-abundance appetite from a car’s batteries, that exceeds a ability indispensable according to estimated use profiles. The appearance in internal coherence markets provides an income to a community. As an incentive, this income is common among members as “free miles” on their cars.

The mild provides experience, partners, and program to internal communities. If we live in a residence with mixed parties, a meddlesome parties might join your internal community.

 Karthick Perumal, Ingo Brenckmann, Claudio Weck, Desislava Belokonska, Jagrut Kosti, l.-r., 2019, Porsche AG
Karthick Perumal, Ingo Brenckmann, Claudio Weck, Desislava Belokonska and Jagrut Kosti (l.-r.)

The Tech ABC — smart Charging with AI in multiple with Blockchain and the Cloud

In this case, we combined predictions about a need for charging in a automobile and a blockchain to promulgate with a grid.

To foresee a particular expenditure settlement formed on chronological information and a stream state of a grid, we compulsory predictive analytics. Given a distance and parameters of a dataset, it will be needed to use a indication that can perform those tasks not usually deliberation a appetite direct outward a village though also deliberation a user’s preferences. Hence, we employed elementary appurtenance training models.

We also used a blockchain height to guarantee a exchange that will be achieved between participants in a community. First, there is no needed trust and no agreement between a village members, and second, a volume of appetite used should be manifest to a community. We will provide any village as carrying their possess side sequence to urge a opening and save transaction costs. As we use a ‘debt’ token to snippet a appetite consumption, there is reduced inducement for a confidence attack.

As we have 3 opposite services in a doing i.e. forecasting tool, a user welfare and village government apparatus and blockchain, we used several cloud services (lambda, AWS) to confederate a modules. This design has a intensity to scale good with Lambda functions and a request store.

“First, there is no needed trust and no agreement between a village members, and second, a volume of appetite used should be manifest to a community.”

Why did we do this and how?

This was a outcome of a hackathon, 48 hours of coding, articulate to many people from a appetite business — evaluating, bettering a resolution to a tangible needs, removing feedback to labour a thought and communication.

We could successfully benefaction a plan and on a following day, ready a board about how we cruise holding a thought to a subsequent level.

Now we need to evaluate, how to continue. Maybe we have some ideas? We are unequivocally open to all ideas — but we would unequivocally adore to rise a plan as Open Source. Feel giveaway to contact us!

We are unequivocally grateful to all lane supporters, a group from Vattenfall in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Berlin, a colleagues from Renault and Green Battery, as good as all a newly meddlesome feedback givers.

After a hackathon, we could countenance a thought with experts from a automotive and appetite sector, and got utterly good feedback so far. But many of all, a Odyssey Hackathon was lots of fun — where we could go on der coder’s dive.

Ingo Brenckmann, Karthick Perumal, Claudio Weck, Jagrut Kosti, Desislava Belokonska, l.-r., 2019, Porsche AG
Ingo Brenckmann, Karthick Perumal, Claudio Weck, Jagrut Kosti and Desislava Belokonska (l.-r.)


Jagrut Kosti, Karthick Perumal, Ingo Brenckmann, Desislava Belokonska and Claudio Weck are Porsche Digital Lab Scientists and a winning group behind “HorsePower” during a Odyssey Hackathon 2019.

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