Engineering a World: Volkswagen supports initial retrospective of a work of a engineer, engineer and philosopher Ove Arup

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• Exhibition opening in a Victoria Albert Museum, London within a sourroundings of
  a “Engineering Season” upheld by a Volkswagen Group
• Works divulgence Ove Arup’s life and bequest will be on arrangement in London until Nov 6, 2016

This Saturday, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (VA) will open a muster “Engineering a World: Ove Arup and a Philosophy of Total Design” dedicated to a successful engineer, engineer and philosopher Ove Arup. The extensive project, that examines Arup’s contributions within an artistic context, was satisfied with a support of a Volkswagen Group.

Basing his work on a groundbreaking formation of artistic and technological aspects, Ove Arup is deliberate to be one of a many successful and pioneering construction engineers of a 20th century. Up until his genocide in 1988 he confirmed a new holistic proceed essentially reforming a communication of design, pattern and engineering. The iconic show residence in Sydney where Arup was privately concerned in a construction was as most a explorer as a Centre Pompidou in Paris, where a group of Arup engineers collaborated with architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. The engineers led a pattern routine that put a constructional horizon of a buildings services on a exterior, that has given turn a building’s defining feature.

The muster invites visitors to take a demeanour during a series of exhibits from a life of Ove Arup that have never been shown before, such as architectural models, prototypes, drawings, photographs and films. This is a initial time that Arup’s durability change on moulding a built sourroundings will be extensively commemorated within a context of a museum.

“The VA Engineering Season illustrates a purpose of pattern and technology, and so broadens a bargain of art in a truly fascinating way. Especially Ove Arup’s achievements are characterized by an superb alloy of technology, pattern and amicable values. This proceed also drives a company, and therefore we are gay to have been means to minister to this project.” explains Benita von Maltzahn, Head of Cultural Engagement Volkswagen Group Communications.

“Engineering a World” is partial of Volkswagen Group’s wider support of a Engineering Season, that was inaugurated with a “Elytra Filament Pavilion” during a VA VW also upheld a special muster “A World of Fragile Parts” curated by a VA, that is partial of this year’s Architecture Biennial in Venice. Support for a VA is a pivotal component of a Group‘s general joining for a humanities and enlightenment by that Volkswagen endeavors to make art permitted to as many people as possible.

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