ENI launches the automobile pity use “Enjoy” in Rome

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  • Over 80,000 members in Milan in only 5 months


Enjoy, a automobile pity use that Eni grown in partnership with Fiat and Trenitalia, has arrived in Rome and will start handling tomorrow with a swift of over 300 Fiat 500 cars that will boost to 600 by Sep 2014. Enjoy has already cowed Milan, with some-more than 80,000 purebred business and 500,000 rentals in a initial 5 months. The intrigue stands to change a mobility of Rome’s residents and facilities giveaway online membership, rival rates and a easier and some-more fit patron experience.


Salvatore Sardo, Eni’s Chief Downstream Industrial Operations Officer, denounced a Enjoy automobile pity use to a Capital currently in Termini Station, during a Slargo Presidenziale, with a CEO of Trenitalia, Vincenzo Soprano, and Fiat’s Head of Brand – EMEA Region, Gianluca Italia, in a participation of a Councillor for Mobility and Transport, Guido Improta.


The automobile pity use offering in Rome is a same as a one already implemented in Milan: we can perspective a nearest automobile and book it with a App (Android, iOS, and from Jun 9 also for Windows Phone) or around a website enjoy.eni.com. You can also select a automobile from a street, book it and use it immediately. The cars embody giveaway entrance to singular trade zones in a city and after a use can be expelled in any parking space in a area lonesome by a use (for Rome it’s about 100 sq km). As an additional item there are also clearly noted suffer giveaway parking spaces for giveaway in a user area of a service. All a Fiat 500 of a Enjoy carpark are euro 6 homologated, have parking sensors and are entirely versed to absolutely ride adult to 4 people.


Enjoy is an efficient, innovative and tolerable mobility use that will give new appetite to Rome interjection to a many rival prices on a market: 25 cents per notation (for a initial 50 km, after that a cost is 25 cents per additional km) or 10 cents per notation if a patron wishes to keep a automobile in let during a stop. The rate is all inclusive, as it includes a cost of insurance, maintenance, fuel and parking.

Enjoy is an modernized and all Italian automobile pity service, interjection to blurb partnerships with vital domestic players: Fiat, that provides a largest swift of cars unfailing for a automobile pity use in Italy, and Trenitalia, a categorical partner of a Enjoy service.


Rome, 4 Jun 2014



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