The cranky Canada highway outing is a sermon of passage. It’s something we always speak about one day doing and hopefully get around to. And when we do make a preference to do it, it’s sparkling to container adult a Ford Escape, activate SYNC® with MyFord Touch to holder some tunes from your phone, and strike a open highway with zero yet journey ahead. But along a way, we gotta eat, right? And one dish we can all conclude is this smashing knowledge we like to call brunch.

So let’s take a outing opposite a nation and see where a stomachs lead us.

Starting out west we advise attack adult a Rain City Grill in Vancouver’s storied West End. Savour a famous egg abounding french toast bathed in huckleberry and elderflower syrup and served with Chantilly cream. Looking for a turn on a normal brunch meal? How about Dungeness crab and Saskatchewan immature lentils with bacon and steep confit surfaced with a Poached Egg? If you’re going to shun for brunch in Vancouver, we can’t go wrong with a Rain City Grill.


Heading easterly to Toronto, lift adult nearby a famous Fairmont Royal York Hotel and make a B-line to Epic for an Ontario tradition – peameal bacon eggs benedict. Or go a small fancier and sequence adult eggs with Perth pig chunk bacon in an Ontario maple shallot glaze. Even yet Epic is in a heart of a city, we can still take your ambience buds on a outing by honeyed serenity.


We’re going to conduct behind to BC for a subsequent brunch and a take small outing on a packet to Victoria to a Harbour House Hotel. If you’re looking to supplement some journey to your brunch, sequence adult a quinoa breakfast pudding done with syrup harvested from internal maple trees, and surfaced with uninformed tayberries. The Harbour House sources locally grown mixture to safeguard all the dishes are as uninformed as possible.


Have we been to any implausible Canadian brunch destinations lately? Let us now by commenting on this post, on Facebook or Tweet us. We’d adore to hear where Canada escapes for brunch.