Extensive Premium Mobility Offer for Europe: Audi relies on Multi-Channel Strategy

Posted on 24. May, 2019 by in Audi Canada

“With this multi-channel approach, we are going full steam forward with a extensive scaling of a reward mobility services. Together with a trade classification and a partner SIXT, we intend to rise Audi on direct as an powerful code for all mobility offers, trimming from short-term-use and subscription models all a approach to long-term car rentals,” says Bram Schot, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG and proxy Member of a Board of Management for Marketing and Sales. “In doing so, we are also substantiating tighten connectors with a existent mobility services offering by a Volkswagen Group.”

Customers will be means to entrance a unchanging SIXT-fleet of high-quality reward models around a newly grown app and web-portal of Audi on direct in a destiny and book them for a stretchable generation of between one hour and one year. In this approach Audi on direct can entrance a hire network of a general handling mobility provider – and therefore countless new mobility locations in city centers, railway stations and airports. More than 100 new mobility hubs are designed to open in time for a launch in Germany alone. The offer will also be accessible step-by-step during locations in France, Italy, a UK, Luxembourg, a Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. Furthermore, Audi and SIXT determine a partnership for a use of Connected Vehicle-/ Telemetry- technologies for a investiture of digital mobility products. The first of a joint-venture or another team-work underneath association law between SIXT SE and AUDI AG is not intended.

Furthermore, Audi is integrating a possess trade classification even some-more deeply into a new digital business area and is thereby formulating an additional sales channel: As from a tumble of 2019, Audi partners will have a corner IT height for Audi on direct that is being grown in tighten partnership with a Volkswagen Group and a trade organization. The trade classification will be means to use this height to not usually digitalize a let business though also offer stretchable mobility services such as subscription models. This will concede a dealers to entrance new patron groups and clear sales opportunities, make some-more fit use of their possess car swift and make their offer of used cars some-more flexible. The association with a 4 rings has been compelling a formation of Audi on direct into a trade classification given a tumble of 2018 and has already non-stop adult 10 locations in Spain and a UK. The enlargement of serve play integrated blurb sites in a domestic marketplace and other European markets such as France and Spain is stability gradually.

While Audi on direct in team-work with SIXT is focused on brief daily rents, Audi on direct in a trade classification is designed especially for renting out vehicles for a day, a weekend, or to overpass durations in that your car is unavailable. Long-term rentals of adult to one year are also possible.

In a future, Audi on direct business will also advantage from a services that a Volkswagen Group is building in a context of mobility services. This includes, for example, intelligent parking for open parking lots. 

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