Extra space, additional X-ness. The new BMW X1 Long Wheelbase.

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Premium carmaker BMW is phenomenon a new era of a highly
successful BMW X1, that has chalked adult tellurian sales surpassing the
800,000 mark. In China, a initial era was sole adult to 200,000
times, including approx. 140,000 locally constructed cars in BMW
Brilliance’s plant Tiexi. With a consummate bargain of the
consumers’ needs in this difficulty in mind, a new-generation model
respects their mandate even offer and is redefining its
segment. Accordingly, BMW has specifically grown a long-wheelbase X1
for a Chinese market.

The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1 offers a particularly
high customary of expanse in a rear, during a same time as setting
a gait when it comes to flexibility and peculiarity as well. Boasting
significantly incomparable dimensions, a physique pattern true out of the
BMW X indication mould, polished functionality and a lifted seating
position for motorist and front passenger, it serves adult an even more
heated brew of Sports Activity Vehicle DNA. A totally new
era of engines featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo record and the
latest chronicle of a BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system
assistance to safeguard superb pushing pleasure and efficiency. A wealth
of innovative apparatus features, intelligent connectivity and the
contemporary reward ambience of a cabin that also stands out for its
high-quality materials and glorious finish offer all bear
testimony to a advances that have been done in a long-wheelbase
chronicle of a new BMW X1 compared to a prototype model.

The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1 is being built during BMW
Brilliance’s Tiexi plant in Shenyang.

The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1 (fuel consumption
combined: 7.3 – 6.1 l/100 km [38.7 – 46.3 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions
combined: 173 – 146 g/km) is being launched in China with a choice of
3 energy options. The BMW X1 sDrive18Li is powered by a
three-cylinder petrol engine with an outlay of 100 kW/136 hp. The
BMW X1 sDrive20Li and BMW X1 xDrive20Li models use a 141 kW/192 hp
four-cylinder petrol engine, with a offer four-cylinder unit
generating a rise outlay of 170 kW/231 hp in a BMW X1 xDrive25Li.

All indication variants broach BMW’s heading code of sportiness,
together with fuel expenditure and emissions total that are
remarkably low in perspective of their performance. The three-cylinder engine
underneath a carp of a new BMW X1 sDrive18Li is joined as standard
to a six-speed Steptronic transmission, while a remaining models
come versed with an eight-speed Steptronic smoothness as standard.
The BMW X1 sDrive18Li and BMW X1 sDrive20Li models are propitious with a
front-wheel-drive element that has been tuned to furnish a driving
dynamics for that a code is renowned. In a box of a new
BMW X1 xDrive20Li and BMW X1 xDrive25Li, meanwhile, an intelligent
all-wheel-drive chronicle designed for optimised potency ensures that
expostulate energy is separate between a front and back wheels in line with
mandate during all times.

The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1 is accessible in xLine
and Sport Line models in and with all engine variants and
expostulate configurations. Neatly concurrent apparatus and pattern features
gleam a quite pointy spotlight on a car’s strong all-round
clarity or a sporting agility.

The new BMW X1 offers a accumulation of configurations, including a
breathtaking sunroof, run-flat tyres, an outward rearview counterpart assembly
integrated with electric folding, heating, parking support and memory
functions, back Park Distance Control alarm, keyless start,
electrically tractable driver’s and front passenger’s seats with
memory function, Dual Zone involuntary atmosphere conditioning with back vents,
a 6.5-inch freestanding high-resolution colour display, a iDrive
handling system, a multifunction sports steering wheel, interior
lighting package, an electronic handbrake, Driving Experience Control
and Emergency Call. Another stand-out underline of a new BMW X1 Long
Wheelbase is a high turn of interior comfort. The back chair bench
with a tilt-adjustable backrest, a immeasurable breathtaking potion sunroof and
a lighting package with switchable orange/white ambient lighting all
yield a quite pleasing feeling of space.

One other discretionary pattern is a BMW Head-Up Display, which
projects driving-related information directly onto a windscreen and
is offering as partial of a Navigation Plus package together with a
navigation system, an 8.8-inch arrangement and a Touch Controller. Among
a other options accessible are Dynamic Damper Control, LED
headlights, a Driving Assistant package, a Harman Kardon surround
sound system, involuntary tailgate operation, rear-view camera, front
chair heating, an involuntary parking support system, journey control,
companion pushing and real-time trade information.

Commanding and versatile in a BMW X family
Its lifted seating position, increased
space, stylish reward ambience and even incomparable interior variability
underline a standing of a long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1
as a magnificently assured, multitalented offer to a segment. The
parallels with BMW Sports Activity Vehicles and Sports Activity Coupes
from aloft automobile classes are also transparent in both a operation of
discretionary motorist assistance systems and a impression of a interior design.

Measuring 4.56 metres long, 1.82 metres far-reaching and 1.62 metres tall,
a proportions of a long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1 follow
a Sports Activity Vehicle blueprint. The new indication has grown in
length by some 8 centimetres compared to a predecessor, in breadth by
2 centimetres and in tallness by around 4 centimetres. These larger
dimensions, together with a new automobile architecture, have paved the
approach for a immeasurable boost in interior spaciousness.

Excellent seating comfort and significantly more
The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new
BMW X1 facilities an unusually versatile interior. Compared to the
effusive model, seating comfort has been severely softened in a rear
in particular, where occupants are also means to suffer considerably
some-more space. The volume of room passengers in a second quarrel of seats
will find for their knees is quite generous. Depending on the
position in that a back chair dais is set – it can slip front and
abaft by 13 centimetres as customary – knee room is between 5 and
18 centimetres incomparable than that offering by a back of the
first-generation BMW X1. The tilt-adjustable back chair backrest
offer enhances float comfort. Also, there are lots of storage pockets
or doorway storage space available.

Beyond this, occupants will also find themselves enthralled in a
lush reward ambience pleasantness of a glorious peculiarity of the
interior’s materials and finish as good as a beautifully precise
design. The arrangement of a cockpit and a controls creates the
driver-focused blueprint that is a BMW hallmark. The lines of the
interior trim and accent strips in a instrument row continue into
a doorway panels, so that occupants in all seats are encircled by a
uniform element structure and colour scheme.

The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1 has a foot ability of
between 465 and 675 litres, depending on a position of a back seat
bench, or a ability of 505 litres if totalled shaped on a standard
chair position – an boost of during slightest 45 litres over a predecessor
model. Folding down a 40:20:40 back chair backrest, that can also be
practiced for angle, allows bucket ability to be stretched to as most as
1,650 litres as required. Automatic tailgate operation (optional)
creates regulating a vehicle’s load-carrying ability even easier, and the
Comfort Access choice also includes a hands-free tailgate opening and
shutting function.

Powerful presence, stout proportions, dynamic
Rugged proportions, a absolute presence
and energetic lines lend a long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1 a
autocratic presence. The incomparable and some-more impactful BMW double-kidney
atmosphere estuary grille, three-section reduce atmosphere intake and the
evil demeanour shaped by a twin turn headlights and fog
lamps next them are a stand-out facilities of a front end. The
stylistic underbody insurance elements during a front and back and the
block contour of a circle cutouts all underline a plain status of
a BMW X model. The jaunty clarity is complemented by the
roofline, eye-catching clarity lines and window
. At both back windows, a black Air Blades further
supplement a clearly sporty touch. The prosaic outline of a two-section,
L-shaped back lights and a resolutely flared circle arches give added
impact to a far-reaching line of a long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1.

Personalised styles: cross-country xLine and sporty Sports
Line models.
The cross-country xLine model
can be identified from a side by roof rails and side window
surrounds in Aluminium satinated, concurrent side skirts in matt
Satin Silver and 18-inch bi-colour light-alloy wheels in Y-spoke
design. Its strong clarity is offer emphasised by a underbody
insurance during a front and back in matt Satin Silver. The interior
trim comprises sports seats excellently upholstered in perforated
leather and with musical stitching during a sides, consistent perfectly
with a tack pattern on a centre armrest. Also enclosed are
contour lighting in a doors and an accent frame for a instrument
row in Pearl Gloss Chrome. In addition, a strange ash trims in
matt finish emanate a lush and gentle interior.

Among a special facilities of a sporty Sports Line model’s exterior
is a specifically designed BMW double-kidney atmosphere estuary grille, whose
bars – like a special atmosphere intakes, a side window surrounds and the
extraneous counterpart caps – come in high-gloss Black. The underbody
insurance during a front and back of a Sports Line indication and a side
skirts are presented in physique colour. 18-inch bi-colour light-alloy
wheels in double-spoke pattern turn off a exterior’s sporting
appearance. Inside, a Sports Line indication also comprises sports seats
excellently upholstered in seperated leather and with decorative
stitching during a sides, consistent ideally with a tack pattern on
a centre armrest. Also specifically supposing are a multiple of black
leather with red stitching and interior trim strips in high-gloss
Black with Coral Red, to emanate a clarity of colourful sportiness.

New era of engines: sportiness and potency rooted
in BMW TwinPower Turbo technology.
long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1 is accessible with an all-new
choice of engines. The energy units form partial of a BMW Group’s new
era of engines and heed themselves with instantaneous
energy smoothness and optimised efficiency. BMW TwinPower Turbo
record combines with endless BMW EfficientDynamics measures to
award all variants of a compress BMW X indication with an outstanding
change between sportiness on a one palm and fuel potency on a other.

Flexible, discerning to respond and some-more fit than ever:
xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive.
a engine’s energy is channelled to a highway around a state-of-the-art
front-wheel-drive element in a new BMW X1 sDrive20Li and a new
BMW X1 sDrive18Li, a dual other indication variants utilize a latest
BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel expostulate system. The remarkably optimised,
low-weight and fuel-efficient chronicle of a intelligent element propitious in
a new BMW X1 xDrive20Li and BMW X1 xDrive25Li models distributes the
engine’s energy between a front and back wheels accurately as the
conditions requires – during all times. Together with DSC (Dynamic
Stability Control), it allows a element to act pre-emptively to
negate any origin oversteer or understeer. It does this by
ludicrous energy to a circle or wheels where it can be eliminated to
a highway to limit effect. The BMW xDrive element therefore ensures
autarchic traction, optimised directional fortitude and enhanced
cornering dynamics in all continue and highway conditions. Furthermore,
a multiple of a DSC element and xDrive also includes Hill
Descent Control.

The xDrive intelligent element on a long-wheelbase chronicle of a new
BMW X1 consists of a single-speed shelf rigging in a front-axle drive
section (a energy take-off) and a rear-axle expostulate section with an
electrohydraulically tranquil hang-on multi-plate clutch. The two
are connected by a two-piece expostulate shaft. If necessary, a BMW xDrive
intelligent element is means to approach expostulate energy to a wheels as
mandate foreordain with split-second speed and but a motorist noticing.

Sophisticated framework record – including Dynamic Damper Control.

The framework record of a strange X1 has been
totally redeveloped for a long-wheelbase chronicle of a new model
and now comprises a single-joint strut cessation during a front and a
multi-link back axle. Intelligent lightweight pattern underpinned by a
high suit of aluminium and high-strength steel has increased
acerbity during a same time as obscure weight. An innovative axle
mounting, model-specific elastokinematics and a sophisticated
three-way support mounts used to bond a dampers to a body
similarly offer to raise a car’s lively and float comfort.

The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1 is versed with
Servotronic speed-sensitive energy steering and also includes Dynamic
Damper Control. The electronically tranquil dampers urge a ride
comfort of a new BMW X indication and whet a energetic attributes. Two
check control settings can be activated regulating a Driving Experience
Control switch.

Equipped with a Driving Experience Control system, DSC
energetic fortitude control element and extensive passenger protection.

The Driving Experience Control system’s symbol on the
executive console between a front seats allows a motorist to give the
car’s set-up an even sportier, some-more comfort-oriented or
efficiency-optimised clarity by job adult COMFORT, SPORT or ECO PRO
mode during a hold of a button. Other than a Anti-lock Braking System
(ABS), Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Brake Assist element and
Start-Off Assistant, a DSC energetic fortitude control element also
comes with a Active Differential Brake (ADB) and Performance Control
functions. Performance Control helps impregnate a automobile with dynamic
cornering characteristics by distributing engine energy and braking
force in a ingeniously totalled way. Moving a aloft suit of drive
energy to a outward wheels by corners, it counteracts any
bent to understeer but watchful for fortitude to strech a
vicious point. This ensures an flexible and neutral cornering attitude.

The physique structure of a long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW X1
can be remarkable both for a softened torsional acerbity and for its
optimised weight – a outcome of an intelligent brew of physique materials.
This has a outcome of enhancing lively and potency during a same
time as providing superb passenger protection. The impact
generated in a collision is diverted and engrossed with a assist of
precisely tangible bucket paths and easily sized deformation zones.
The interior comes with a full element of reserve features,
including front and side airbags, as good as head/curtain airbags at
a sides and three-point inertia-reel seatbelts for all seats. All
indication variants float on run-flat tyres as standard.

Innovative motorist assistance systems: combined pushing pleasure
by intelligent connectivity.

The abounding accumulation of assistance systems compared with
those already accessible for a strange indication underlines the
strenuous supremacy achieved by a long-wheelbase chronicle of the
new BMW X1 in a investigate of intelligent connectivity. The Navigation
element assists track superintendence by arrangement instruction arrows and
high-quality multi-view map images on a 6.5-inch Control Display.
Another choice is a Navigation Plus system, comprising an 8.8-inch
Control Display, an instrument cluster with extended features, a
split-screen duty for a Control Display, an iDrive Touch
Controller symbol and a BMW Head-Up Display. This element allows High
Guidance instructions, including line recommendations, to be shown on
a instrument cluster’s TFT arrangement or projected onto a windscreen,
as desired. The BMW Head-Up Display projects information – including
a stream speed in digits, Check Control messages and readouts from
a Speed Limit Info element – directly into a driver’s margin of
view, permitting them to register a information but carrying to
obstruct their gawk divided from a highway ahead.

The rear-view camera, whose images are eliminated onto a Control
Display, together with a Parking Assistant, that helps a driver
to find and make use of together parking spaces, promote precise
and easy manoeuvring. The Driving Assistant includes Lane Departure
Warning, Speed Limit Info with No Passing Info display, the
anti-dazzle High Beam Assistant, as good as Collision Warning and
Pedestrian Warning with City Braking function.


Manual on fuel expenditure and CO2emissions:

For offer sum on central fuel expenditure figures,
central specific CO2emissions and energy expenditure of new cars,
greatfully impute to a “Manual on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions
and energy expenditure of new cars”, accessible during sales outlets,
from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1,
73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and at
ManualCO2 (PDF – 2.7 MB)


In box of queries greatfully contact:


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Ralph Huber, Head of Product Communication BMW Automobiles

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The BMW Group


With a 3 brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, a BMW Group is the
world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles
and also provides reward financial and mobility services. As a global
company, a BMW Group operates 30 prolongation and public facilities
in 14 countries and has a tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries.


In 2015, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.247 million cars and
scarcely 137,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation for the
financial year 2014 was approximately € 8.71 billion on revenues
amounting to € 80.40 billion. As of 31 Dec 2014, a BMW Group
had a workforce of 116,324 employees.


The success of a BMW Group has always been shaped on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.



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