You can put a new off-road lorry by a paces all we wish out on a travel or on a lane and it will usually tell partial of a story. To unequivocally exam a truck’s off-road muscle, you’ve got to retaliate it for days on a harshest real-world conditions around.

Like a Baja 1000, Mexico’s mythological dried racecourse.

Down in a Southwestern United States, in turf that mimics a Baja’s exhausting conditions, Ford engineers put a 2017 F-150 Raptor by a examination over 1,600kms that valid it’s a toughest — and smartest — off-road pickup a association has ever made.

They ran a F-150 opposite sandy washes and over deep-rutted sediment beds, adult high climbs in low sand, by parsimonious trenches, and over tabletop jumps. Cruising during speeds as high as 160 kph, while during other times harsh it out during low speed over implausible obstacles, a antecedent vehicles (consisting of 2015 and 2017 components) achieved like an off-road dream.

The all-new 2017 F150 Raptor

The all-new 2017 F150 Raptor

The truck’s toughness starts with a purpose-built support that has some-more high-strength steel than a effusive Raptor. Yet during a same time, an extraneous fake from high-strength, military-grade aluminum amalgamate shaves a essential 500 pounds off a vehicle’s altogether weight. That adds a kind of liveliness (not to discuss softened gas mileage) we wish when maneuvering by parsimonious trenches.

Meanwhile, underneath a hood, a F-150’s mind has altered a game, we competence say. A new, second-generation 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine produces some-more energy and torque than a before era Raptor. That’ll get we adult and over those silt hills in a snap. (Just suppose a rooster tail that would flog up.) An all-new 10-speed delivery provides optimal gearing, and softened efficiency.

Ford engineers also took a F-150’s off-road record grown over a years and remolded it into a all-new Terrain Management System for a 2017 model. It facilities 6 preset modes we can change into for optimal pushing opening depending on conditions.

Who’s fearful of a small weather? When it’s raining or snowing, or topping over, we can change to “weather” mode to improved reason a road. Want to blast opposite a dried during high speed? (Of march we do!) Choose “Baja” mode. “Rock” mode handles low-speed stone crawling. “Normal,” “street,” and “mud and sand” modes finish a package.

As if those advances — from engine opening to a reimagined delivery — weren’t adequate to get we were you’re going no matter a terrain, a F-150’s cessation has also been upgraded. The Raptor comes customary with new FOX Racing Shox that moderate and prop a float over imperishable belligerent and keep a lorry from bottoming out. The startle canisters, both front and back, are also larger, carrying grown from 2.5 inches in hole to 3 inches.

Of course, those resources come finished only like we competence expect, in a handsome, chiseled physique that turns heads — and not only when you’re speeding past admirers.

Slated to enter a marketplace in tumble 2017, a all-new F-150 Raptor represents a good jump brazen in pattern and opening in a series. You might not be headed for a Baja 1000 or a rallycross foe anytime soon. But how cold is to know there’s a terrain-tested lorry this distant forward of a foe that’ll lift we by a sleet and ice of Ontario, a hilly turf of Alberta, and a low woods of Quebec?