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For usually a second time in a story of a race, that has been hold given 1970, a member surpassed a 4,000-kilometer mark. The initial time was achieved by Audi Sport Team Phoenix in 2014, that gathering 4,035 kilometers. Therefore, a Audi R8 LMS stays a usually automobile to have driven some-more than 4,000 kilometers on a Nürburgring in a given time of 24 hours.

The record stretch from 2014 would roughly have been matched. The computer simulations suggested to a engineers, adult until a final hour of a race, that 159 laps would have been possible. The conflict of a deluge half an hour before a finish of a race, however, done these calculations blank – a drivers had to revoke a gait too many on a soppy road.

If a Audi R8 LMS had an odometer like a road-going counterpart, a numbers would have left adult utterly extremely on a final weekend of May. From a initial Free Practice on Thursday to a finish on Sunday, a winners’ immature and white foe automobile lonesome 4,872.576 kilometers. This is a same stretch as between Ingolstadt and a north of a Canadian range of Québec.

The winning motorist party paint different successes: Connor De Phillippi and Kelvin outpost der Linde any distinguished their initial feat in this race, Christopher Mies his second after 2015, and Markus Winkelhock already his third after 2012 and 2014 – all drivers winning any time with Audi. Within a Winkelhock family, it is now 3:2. Markus is forward of his uncle Joachim – leader in 1990 and 1991 – by one victory.

Whilst Markus Winkelhock and Kelvin outpost der Linde common a winning automobile in 2017, there was a successful organisation between both families in engine racing 23 years ago. Kelvin’s father Shaun and Joachim Winkelhock won dual of a 4 rounds of a 1994 International Touring Car Challenge in Kyalami, South Africa.

There was a initial for a sold nationality too: Kelvin outpost der Linde is a initial South African to have won this race, while Connor De Phillippi was usually a second American after his compatriot Boris Said’s delight in 2005.

With Audi Sport Team Land from Niederdreisbach, it is a third time an Audi group from Rhineland-Palatinate has won a competition. Prior to this, Audi Sport Team Phoenix, formed during a Nürburgring, had won in a years 2012 and 2014. In addition, Audi Sport Team WRT contributed a Belgian Audi success in 2015.

The average age of this year’s winners was 27. Christopher Mies distinguished his 28th birthday 3 days before a start. Markus Winkelhock is 36 years old. Connor De Phillippi is 24 and Kelvin outpost der Linde is usually 20 years old. 

Despite his immature age and small Nordschleife experience, Kelvin outpost der Linde shone with superb path times, including a fastest path out of a whole Audi squad. When a preference was done on who could expostulate a Audi R8 LMS to a finish line, a group and their racing drivers fast concluded on a South African. Van der Linde did not acquire his Nordschleife assent until a finish of 2015, and his practice were singular to a Nürburgring 24 Hour foe and a VLN foe in 2016 as good as another VLN turn and a gift foe in Apr 2017.

On a approach to victory, Kelvin outpost der Linde finished 63 foe laps in 9 stints. Connor De Phillippi sat in a automobile 5 times and lapped a Nordschleife 39 times. In 5 foe periods, Markus Winkelhock was in movement for 40 laps, and Christopher Mies finished 16 laps in dual phases. Mies and De Phillippi also gathering a series 28 sister car.

29 is a team’s new propitious number. With it, Christopher Mies/Connor De Phillippi won a ADAC GT Masters with a Audi R8 LMS in 2016, and now with their teammates a 24-hour foe as well.

In a unchanging path of a Nürburgring-Nordschleife, a drivers change rigging with a six-speed delivery of a Audi R8 LMS 101 times. This formula in scarcely 16,000 rigging shifts over a whole foe distance.

In a 21 particular foe stints that a winning Audi R8 LMS finished between a array stops from start to finish, a group put on 20 sets of sharp tires from Dunlop. Race operative Wolfgang Martens motionless on soothing rubber devalue 4 times, 9 times on middle tires and 7 times on tough slicks. At a finish of a race, a group done a crafty tactical choice for a 21st set of tires: a Dunlop tire with grooves was a ideal choice for a sleet showers and a pivotal to victory.

At a Nürburgring, Wolfgang Land’s association ranks among a best and many gifted teams on a stage with 22 VLN victories. However, a feat in a 24-hour foe had so distant eluded a organisation from Westerwald. In Dubai, a group distinguished a initial 24-hour racing feat 8 years ago. The success with Audi in a Eifel was a second altogether feat in a marathon twice turn a clock, on tip of a dual category victories during Spa. A sum of 23 employees of a group were deployed during a Nürburgring for dual racing cars.

Whilst a Audi R8 LMS has been competing in a Eifel given 2009, today’s Audi Sport GmbH had already been concerned in a movement during a Nürburgring before then. Audi was a partner of a organizer for a 16th time – given 2002, a officials have relied on models with a Four Rings. This year, Audi presented 13 cars: one R8 Coupé V10 plus, one RS 5 Coupé, one A8, 5 RS 6 Avant and 5 A6 Avant.

For a initial time, a partnership between Audi Sport patron racing and Montaplast characterized a cooperation. The particular pattern of a dual immature and white Audi R8 LMS cars from Audi Sport Team Land was recognised from a associating eye of Audi engineer Tobias Drews, who was a private caller to a foe in a Eifel. The dual factory-backed R8 LMS cars from Audi Sport Team WRT, a Audi R8 LMS GT4 cars from Audi Sport Team Phoenix, a GT models exhibited in a Audi Sport knowledge area, all of a central cars and a all-new foe overalls captivated courtesy to a uniform signature design.

For a initial time, a three stream models from Audi Sport patron racing were represented in a singular competition. In further to 6 Audi R8 LMS cars in GT3 specification, there was a entrance for dual Audi R8 LMS GT4 cars, while business relied on a sum of 3 Audi RS 3 LMS cars.

In addition, a mutated foe automobile from an progressing Audi Sport patron racing prolongation was successful. The Audi TT RS of Ulrich Andree/Daniela Schmid/Christian Schmitz/Stefan Wieninger contributed a feat in a SP 3T class. The group LMS Engineering hold their possess opposite factory-backed outfits from 3 obvious Asian automotive manufacturers.

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