FAST plan conference: Volkswagen Group lays foundations for a destiny with the suppliers

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• Garcia Sanz: “We are confronting adult to changes in a automotive attention with renewal
   capabilities and clever partners”
• “FAST Summit”: initial disdainful plan discussion with all partners
• Focus on digitalization and electro-mobility

With a “Volkswagen Future Automotive Supply Tracks” (FAST) initiative, a Volkswagen Group is aiming for some-more complete vital rotate with a suppliers with a perspective to forging forward even some-more strongly with future-oriented technologies. At a initial “FAST Summit” plan conference, hold in Berlin, a FAST partners discussed pivotal topics and projects of a subsequent few years with Board of Management members and member of a Volkswagen Group and a brands. Together with a suppliers, a Volkswagen Group is laying a foundations for a destiny of a automobile.

“The automotive attention faces disruptive changes and extensive challenges. However, this conditions offers many opportunities and good intensity for companies who successfully accomplish a mutation and turn integrated hardware, program and use companies. Renewal capabilities and clever tellurian partnerships will be a pivotal to success,” pronounced Dr. Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, member of a Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft Board of Management obliged for Procurement.

According to Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, “fully networked, unconstrained vehicles will be existence in usually a few years’ time. Cars are increasingly apropos vital and operative spaces. The design of a Volkswagen Group is to make mobility easier, some-more permitted and safer for a customers.”
Digital innovations are to be implemented some-more well and in a some-more customer-oriented way. He pronounced that a vital partners of a Volkswagen Group were creation pivotal grant to bringing these innovations onto a worlds’ roads faster than ever before.

Car pity and on-demand services are already recording thespian expansion rates. Innovative mobility services charity genuine combined value for business and appealing business opportunities are to comment for a estimable partial of a Group’s revenues in a future. For this purpose, a Volkswagen Group needs vital partners with a right mindset, speed and entrepreneurial concentration to forge forward with these new business models.

Growing urbanization will serve boost direct for zero-emission electric vehicles.

The introduction of a Modular Electrification Toolkit, an design generally for e-vehicles, will concede electric ranges in additional of 500 km and shorter charging times. Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn, Head of Research and Development of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft: “We have focused a Group on electro-mobility and grown extensive expertise. Volkswagen has set itself a desirous aim of apropos a marketplace personality in e-mobility by 2018. In addition, a Group will be rising 20 new electric models by 2020. This will also move new possibilities for a partners in a retailer network.”

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