FCA Bank: 90 years pushing to a future

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FCA Bank, A corner try between FCA Italy S.p.A. (a association of a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group) and CA Consumer Finance S.A. (a association of a Crédit Agricole Group), carrying turn a holding association of an general banking organisation in January, turns 90 on 25th April.


A dedicated “90 years pushing into a future” trademark has been designed to applaud a event, not usually with anxiety to a past though also summarizing a energetic and ever building suggestion of FCA Bank.


The aphorism encapsulates in a few difference a truth of this Company, able of surpassing over time, constantly improving creation and flexibility, in sequence to soon respond to changes that have occurred, over a years, in a several amicable and mercantile contexts.


The FCA Bank tour began in Turin on 25th Apr 1925, on a same day that, 20 years later, would turn Italy’s ancestral Liberation Day.


On 25th April, 9 decades ago, S.A.V.A., Società Anonima Vendita Autoveicoli, was incorporated: a epoch of dedicated automotive financing had begun. Since that day, a dream of owning a automobile became a existence for many families.


Within a brief duration of time, a Company initial entered a German marketplace before expanding into France and in a following years, into many other markets as well: FCA Bank now operates in 16 European countries.


With strength, integrity and professionalism, FCA Bank constantly grown itself, right adult to a time it reached a poignant branch indicate in 2006, when Europe’s initial corner try between a automobile manufacturer and a bank was established: Fiat Auto S.p.A. and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance combined Fiat Auto Financial Services, that took over from S.A.V.A. The Company’s activities continued to be directed during providing financial services to support a Fiat Group (later Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) sales in Europe. In 2009 Fiat Auto Financial Services altered name and became FGA Capital, consolidating a purpose on a general scene, and apropos an increasingly critical actor in a European automotive financing sector. In 2013 a agreement between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Credit Agricole was renewed until 2021.


14th Jan 2015 noted a further, essential change: FGA Capital, after receiving it’s banking permit from a supervising authority, became a Bank and strengthened a structure, nonetheless it continues to safety a automotive serf mission, focusing on a needs of those business meddlesome in shopping or renting a automobile – “FCA Bank is a Bank dedicated to motorists, innate to yield even some-more value to those who select a car”, as highlighted by a launch press campaign.


FCA Bank now enters a new, healthier future, prepared for new challenges, by a operation of even some-more diversified products and services variable to any specific requirement.


90 years of commitment. 90 years of cunning in a financial services business. 90 years of passion for a automotive industry. 90 years that began on a apart 25th of April, deemed to turn history: this is FCA Bank, a Company that’s been looking to a destiny given 1925. Discover this fascinating story in a dedicated territory of FCA Bank site combined to applaud a eventuality (www.fcabankgroup.com).


Turin, 24th Apr 2015



FCA Bank

FCA Bank is a bank handling especially in a engine financing zone directed during gratifying all mobility mandate and is a corner try between FCA Italy, partial of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a tellurian automotive organisation and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance a vital actor in a consumer financial market. The association manages many of a financial activities to support a sales of prestigious automotive brands in Europe. Financial and leasing programs are operated by FCA Bank and privately designed for a play networks and private business as good as for business fleets. FCA Bank SpA is benefaction in 16 European countries possibly directly or by a subsidiaries. At a finish of 2014 FCA Bank reported a portfolio of superb loans value €14.7 billion.



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