FCA US Officially Opens New Mopar Parts Distribution Center in Metro Detroit

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December 6, 2017

, Romulus, Mich.

FCA US LLC strictly non-stop a new 500,000-square-foot Mopar Parts Distribution Center (PDC) currently in metro Detroit, imprinting a second new Mopar PDC to open in a U.S. this year. The Romulus, Michigan, trickery employs some-more than 100 workers and represents an investment of $10.4 million by FCA US.
With an additional PDC non-stop progressing this year in Winchester, Virginia, FCA US has invested $22.6 million in 2017 to strengthen a tools placement network in a U.S., with 23 PDCs in North America. Combined, a dual comforts paint some-more than 170 jobs.
In offer to U.S. growth, Mopar has also recently stretched a general tools placement network. In reduction than 5 years, Mopar has added 4 new tools placement centers, including corner ventures in Asia, Europe and South America. Mopar has a footprint of some-more than 50 PDCs worldwide, including North America.
“The opening of a new Romulus PDC reinforces a Mopar brand’s joining to providing dealers and business with best-in-class service,” pronounced Pietro Gorlier, Head of Parts and Service (Mopar), FCA. “As we tighten a 80th anniversary celebration, Mopar’s prophesy is stronger than ever: we are all in use of those who expostulate us. This state-of-the-art PDC ensures that we can broach a right partial during a right time and is offer explanation of a ongoing investment in enhancing operational value and patron satisfaction.”
“Today’s opening represents some-more than 100 jobs for a Michigan economy and creates a Mopar brand’s smoothness of tools to dealers and consumers even some-more efficient. FCA continues to grow and deposit in a operations, that is a covenant to a tough work and loyalty of a UAW members,” pronounced Norwood Jewell, UAW Vice President and Director of a Chrysler Department.
It is expected that a $10.4 million FCA US investment will beget subordinate mercantile opportunities for internal businesses, some of who were tapped to yield services, such as building and appurtenance maintenance, transportation, janitorial management, landscaping and more.
Fastest-moving Mopar Parts
The Romulus PDC was built to residence expansion in sales and active partial numbers by doing a fastest-moving tools in a Mopar placement network. The trickery will concentration on tools that contain 80 percent of daily dealership sequence volumes, encompassing in-demand products such as upkeep and correct parts.
The state-of-the-art trickery facilities innovative record and processes to some-more well broach these high-volume products. A peculiarity declaration complement works around light superintendence and prophesy record to pledge accurate patron sequence fulfillment. The PDC will occupy a series of programmed guided vehicles that duty with laser navigation record to support fit element flow, and an programmed reserve control complement in a PDC utilizes sensors and lighting technology.
Tablets and monitors concede workers to hoop information digitally, enabling paperless processes. Fast-charging element doing apparatus supports low appetite expenditure while permitting for increasing run times. 
The metro Detroit trickery will offer as a tellurian source PDC, replenishing other informal PDCs in a area with a 10,000 highest-volume products in a Mopar brand’s 500,000-plus portfolio. Overall, a trickery will use dual shifts of workers to hoop approximately 45 million tools annually and an estimated 35 inbound and 35 outbound trailers any day.
As with other PDCs, a Romulus trickery follows FCA World Class Logistics (WCL) methodology, that establishes a synchronized supply sequence that gradually eliminates rubbish by a grant of all employees and a severe use of methods and standards that foster an proceed of continual improvement.

Like a Winchester PDC, a trickery is designed to be LEED Silver (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. The extensive LEED complement defines, measures and validates immature buildings and is administered by a United States Green Building Council. Certification is achieved usually after assembly despotic standards in 5 pivotal areas: site planning, H2O management, energy, element use and indoor environmental quality.
Romulus PDC: The Numbers
2: PDCs non-stop by FCA in a U.S. in 2017
35: Inbound and outbound tractor-trailers (each) daily
60+: Acres (facility footprint)
100+: Employees
10,000: Approximate series of fastest-moving tools a PDC will handle
500,000: Square feet (PDC size)
10.4 million: FCA US investment (in dollars) in Romulus facility
22.6 million: FCA US sum 2017 investment (in dollars) in new U.S Mopar PDCs
45 million: Estimated pieces shipped annually
Mopar-first Features
During a brand’s 80 years, Mopar has introduced countless industry-first facilities including:

  • Vehicle-information apps: initial to deliver smartphone vehicle-information applications, a new channel of communication with consumers
  • wiADVISOR: initial to incorporate a tablet-based use line tool
  • Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS): initial to marketplace with a new interactive car tracking device that sends owners a content when car is driven too quick or too distant formed on pre-set parameters
  • Wi-Fi: initial to offer business a ability to make their car a wireless prohibited spot
  • Electronic owners manuals: initial to deliver normal owners manuals on a smartphone app

80 Years of Mopar
Mopar (a elementary contraction of a difference MOtor and PARts) was innate on Aug 1, 1937, as a name of a line of antifreeze products. Mopar has given developed over 80 years to offer as a sum service, tools and customer-care code of all FCA vehicles around a globe.

Mopar done a symbol in a 1960s during a muscle-car era, with Mopar Performance Parts to raise speed and doing for both highway and racing use, and stretched to embody technical use and patron support. Today, a Mopar brand’s tellurian strech distributes some-more than 500,000 tools and accessories in over 150 markets around a world. With some-more than 50 tools placement centers and 25 patron hit centers globally, Mopar integrates service, tools and customer-care operations in sequence to raise patron and play support worldwide.

Mopar is a source for genuine tools and accessories for all FCA US LLC car brands. Mopar tools are engineered together with a same teams that emanate factory-authorized specifications for FCA vehicles, charity a approach tie that no other aftermarket tools association can provide. Complete information on a Mopar code is accessible at www.mopar.com.

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