Festival of GT racing in a Eifel Mountains: BMW teams all set for a Nürburgring 24 Hours.

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Munich (DE), 24th May 2016. This weekend, a eyes of a motorsport
universe are on a Eifel segment of Germany: a 44th entertainment of the
24-hour foe during a Nürburgring (DE) pits a best drivers, teams and
cars that GT racing has to offer on what is substantially a most
perfectionist circuit in a world. Since 1970, a eventuality on a iconic
Nordschleife has been a permanent tie on a foe calendar, and
has anxious fans all around a world. With 19 altogether victories to
a name, BMW is a many successful manufacturer during this endurance
classic, and once again goes into a 2016 foe with a clever contingent.


The provisional entrance list for a race, that will take place on the
25.378-kilometre multiple of a Nordschleife and tools of the
Grand Prix circuit, includes no fewer than 40 BMW racing cars. Six of
these will foe in a SP9 category for comprehensive GT3 cars: a hopes of
a BMW teams of Schubert Motorsport, ROWE Racing and Walkenhorst
Motorsport rest with a newly grown BMW M6 GT3, with all three
teams fielding dual cars. They are assimilated by 13 BMW M235i Racings, the
successful entry-level indication in a BMW Motorsport range, as good as
many other BMW racing cars run with good passion by highwayman teams.


The BMW M6 GT3 is creation a entrance during a European 24-hour race, and
has a tough act to follow: a predecessor, a BMW Z4 GT3, finished
runner-up during a Nürburgring in both 2013 and 2014. The final victory
came pleasantness of Augusto Farfus (BR), Jörg Müller (DE), Uwe Alzen (DE)
and Pedro Lamy (PT) with a BMW M3 GT in 2010. The BMW Z4 GT3 claimed
a highly-acclaimed feat during a 24-hour classical during Spa-Francorchamps
(BE) final season. The BMW M6 GT3, that caused a stir with feat at
a dress operation in a VLN Endurance Championship on 14th May, is
now charged with stability this success story.


Behind a circle for a BMW teams are some of a best and most
successful drivers ever to foe in a “Green Hell”. Three drivers in
a BMW M6 GT3 have won a Nürburgring 24 Hours in a past: Müller
(2 wins), Farfus (1 win) and Lucas Luhr (DE, 2 wins), who is looking
to lapse to a tip step of a lectern accurately 10 years after his
initial victory. Five drivers from BMW Motorsport’s stream DTM squad
are holding time out from a renouned furloughed automobile array to take on the
Nordschleife. Timo Glock (DE) will not indeed be behind a circle at
a weekend, though will accompany his team-mates as a TV expert, giving
him a totally opposite viewpoint of a weekend. RTL and RTL
NITRO will yield endless reports from a prominence of a 2016 season.


As good as those examination on television, a fans during a racetrack
can also demeanour brazen to a top-class motorsport spectacle. As in
new years, fans of BMW Motorsport and BMW M will be in their
component during a M Festival. For a sixth time, visitors will be able
to follow a movement from areas subsequent to a Grand Prix circuit and in
a “Fan Base” in a heart of a “Green Hell”. For 3 days, BMW M
Hospitality is a home of a ever-increasing M village from all
over a world.


The initial prominence of a weekend is a Top-30 Qualifying, which
takes place during 19:50 internal time on Friday. Four BMW M6 GT3s have
already cumulative a place in this sold subordinate session. The
foe itself starts during 15:30 on Saturday.


Selected quotes brazen of a 24-hour foe during a Nürburgring:


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“The 24-hour foe during a Nürburgring is a subsequent large exam for a new
BMW M6 GT3 – and, naturally, one of a comprehensive highlights of a GT
season. It goes though observant that we would adore to get a tip result.
However, we can’t devise success during a Eifel marathon. And this is all
a some-more loyal when we contest with a mint automobile like we will be
doing. At a dress operation in a VLN, we saw that a BMW M6 GT3
seems to be rival on paper. However, we can usually speak about our
possess opening – not what a rivals have shown or not shown. Either
way: Our drivers are some of a best of a best on a Nordschleife.
On tip of that, with Schubert Motorsport and ROWE Racing, we have two
teams inspired for success in a ranks, and with Walkenhorst
Motorsport, we have a clever highwayman group in a SP9 class. And of
march we not usually demeanour to a BMW M6 GT3 in a field, though also to
a large highwayman BMW teams and drivers who will do conflict for
tip places in a several classes. In multiple with a M Festival,
which, as in new years, will take place during a same time, a 24
Hours Nürburgring will once again be a genuine festival for a fans of
BMW Motorsport and BMW M this deteriorate – and wise for a year of
BMW’s centenary.”


Jörg Müller (Schubert Motorsport, #18 BMW M6 GT3):

“I am already unequivocally looking brazen to this race. Our preparations
were good and we are in good figure for a weekend during the
Nürburgring. The many critical thing is that a automobile survives a 24
hours. The foe is unique. And we can’t forget about a weather
given it follows a possess manners during a Nürburgring. The particular
plea for a teams is carrying a right motorist on a lane during the
right time and with a right set-up.”


Marco Wittmann (Schubert Motorsport, #18 BMW M6 GT3):

“Naturally a win during a final VLN foe helps a proclivity of the
group and us drivers. We have a most improved feeling going into the
24-hour race. When we contest on a Nordschleife with BMW, you
always wish to win. But there are a lot of pitfalls on this track, you
need to be focussed all a time, also due to a slower cars. The
whole atmosphere during this eventuality is illusory and a fans are unique.”


Augusto Farfus (Schubert Motorsport, #18 BMW M6 GT3):

“It will be a illusory weekend. We have a good team. we wish that we
will have good continue and a lot of fun. The fans that come to the
Nürburgring are genuine fans. Naturally they support BMW or other
manufacturers, though they essentially come for a uncover and unequivocally wish to
see all of a cars. That is so special.”


Martin Tomczyk (Schubert Motorsport, #100 BMW M6 GT3):

“It is marvellous once again to come to a 24-hour race. It is one
of a comprehensive highlights of a year. It will be sparkling to see how
a new automobile does and what a opening will be like. We are feeling
positive, though so most can occur during a 24-hour foe that we also
need to have fitness on your side. Our motorist pairings are very, very
good. We are good prepared, as a third VLN foe showed.”


Lucas Luhr (Schubert Motorsport, #100 BMW M6 GT3):

“Naturally it is a lane in sold that creates this race
special. The Nordschleife is singular in a world. Together with the
atmosphere and a illusory fans, as a motorist they give we that
additional motivation. However, there is no doubt that a foe will be far
from easy; a foe is intensely strong. But we have a good
altogether package. Naturally, we can’t forget that a automobile is new and
something can always go wrong. In terms of a motorist line-up, we have
a glorious squad.”


Maxime Martin (ROWE Racing, #23 BMW M6 GT3):

“It is a unequivocally critical foe for BMW. Things are going good for the
initial year with a new automobile and we am looking brazen to a first
24-hour foe with a BMW M6 GT3 during a Nordschleife. This form of
marathon has a possess rules. To be during a front, we initial have to make
it to a finish line. we consider that we are in with a good chance.”


Dirk Werner (ROWE Racing, #23 BMW M6 GT3):

“The 24 Hours Nürburgring is singular – and accordingly as a driver,
we are quite motivated. In a IWSC, we contest on many
implausible racetracks that have a prolonged tradition in North America. But
a Nordschleife is in a joining of a own. With a ROWE Racing team
and a new BMW M6 GT3, we are good equipped. Now we are highly
encouraged as we take on a plea of a ‘Green Hell’.”


Klaus Graf (ROWE Racing, #22 BMW M6 GT3):

“The GT3 margin is intensely tighten this year, though we are doing well
with a new BMW M6 GT3. The 24-hour foe is a biggest motorsport
eventuality in Germany. And a lane is a genuine challenge. For us during ROWE
Racing, a foe with BMW Motorsport as a new partner is unequivocally a
unequivocally special event.”


Richard Westbrook (ROWE Racing, #22 BMW M6 GT3):

“I started my initial 24-hour foe with BMW final year – and finished
second. we would have zero opposite us finishing one place higher
this time around. The BMW M6 GT3 is a mint car, though everything
looks good so far. But it is formidable to envision this race. This is a
24-hour sprint.”


Tom Blomqvist (Walkenhorst Motorsport, #999 BMW M6 GT3):

“I’m unequivocally looking brazen to a race. The preparations have been
made, we know a track, a automobile and my team. And we need to prepare
good for this race. we have never driven a 24-hour foe before, this
will be a large plea for me. we will only do my job, suffer it as
most as possible, learn from it and take all a knowledge we gain
with me for a future.”


The motorist line-ups of a 6 BMW M6 GT3 for a 24-hour race
during a Nürburgring:


#18 BMW M6 GT3, Schubert Motorsport

Augusto Farfus (BR), Jesse Krohn (FI), Jörg Müller (DE), Marco
Wittmann (DE)

#22 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing

Klaus Graf (DE), Richard Westbrook (GB), Nicky Catsburg (NL), Markus
Palttala (FI)

#23 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing

Alexander Sims (GB), Philipp Eng (AT), Maxime Martin (BE), Dirk
Werner (DE)

#100 BMW M6 GT3, Schubert Motorsport

Jonathan Edwards (US), Jens Klingmann (DE), Lucas Luhr (DE), Martin
Tomczyk (DE)

#101 Walkenhorst Motorsport powered by Dunlop

Matias Henkola (FI), Kazunori Yamauchi (JP), Max Sandritter (DE),
George Richardson (GB)

#999 Walkenhorst Motorsport powered by Dunlop

Victor Bouveng (SE), Tom Blomqvist (GB), Christian Krognes (NO),
Michele di Martino (DE)


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