FIA Cross Country World Cup – turn nine: Final competition of a deteriorate sees MINI ALL4 Racing winning during 2016 Baja Portalegre 500.

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Press release

31 Oct 2016


FIA Cross Country World Cup – turn nine:
Final competition of
a deteriorate sees MINI ALL4 Racing winning during 2016 Baja Portalegre 500.


Portuguese twin Ricardo Porém and Filipe Palmeiro win a 30th edition
of Baja Portalegre 500 during a controls of a MINI ALL4 Racing. Porém
enters a record books with his third uninterrupted win of Baja
Portalegre 500.


Munich. The 2016 FIA Cross Country World Cup ended
with a final race, Baja Portalegre 500 (27-29/10/2016), holding place
in Portugal. This competition valid to be an sparkling and quick paced world
crater deteriorate ender that resulted with a MINI ALL4 Racing on a tip step
of a podium.


Ricardo Porém (POR)and co-driver Filipe Palmeiro (POR) showcased a
certain and delicately designed competition that not usually resulted with a MINI
win, though also finished with Porém in a record book for winning his
third uninterrupted Baja Portalegre 500.


Talking after his competition win, Porém said: “I’m positively speechless
and happy to win third time in a quarrel a Baja Portalegre. Everybody
did a good job. I’m looking brazen to have a large celebration with all of them.”


Filipe Palmeiro (POR) was equally jubilant with his initial ever home
win and was full of regard for a duo’s X-raid support team: “This
was a good convene and I’m totally happy for my initial feat in my
hometown. We showed adult with a super group and we have to appreciate all of
them for a good pursuit they did. Without we we would not have had the
possibility to win.”


Baja Portalegre 500 wasn’t usually a final competition of a FIA Cross
Country World Cup. It also served as a ideal environment for motorsport
partner X-raid to reason a group building use – partial of the
all-important preparations forward of a 2017 Dakar Rally (2-14/01/2017).


For this final weekend of a universe crater season, X-raid served adult a
Baja Portalegre 500 support group that saw many X-raid regulars in job
annulment roles. Such examples were X-raid Team Manager Sven Quandt
holding on a roles of physiotherapist and photographer. Michel Périn
(FR) used his co-driver skills and sundry convene story to assume the
position of group manager. Driver Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) and two
co-drivers, Pete Mortensen (USA) and Paulo Fiúza (POR) took the
shortcoming as mechanics for Porém and Palmeiro.


MINI ALL4 Racing – 2016 highlights


The 2016 cross-country convene deteriorate kicked off with a Dakar Rally
in January. This year saw a toughest of all prolonged stretch rally
races take in impassioned turf and formidable continue conditions. It
also saw a MINI ALL4 Racing finish second after 14 days of racing
movement and initial in a four-wheel expostulate ranking. Four MINI ALL4
Racing finished Dakar inside a tip ten, while 10 of these iconic
convene cars finished a whole event. Once again a remarkable
feat underpinned by X-raid staff.


At a start and via a 9 turn FIA Cross Country World
Cup season, MINI and motorsport partner X-raid continued their
growth regime of a MINI ALL4 Racing. Such use has
undoubtedly helped constraint 4 prior World Cup titles and
stays peerless during any and each race.


The early season’s dual categorical races in a dried regions saw MINI ALL4
Racing cars probably fill a tip 5 positions. Yazeed Al Rajhi
(KSA) / Timo Gottschalk (GER) underlined their dried knowledge with
second place finishes during a Abu Dhabi Desrt Challenge and Qatar
Sealine Cross Country Rally.


The Italian Baja saw a visitor to a MINI ALL4 Racing family.
American Bryce Menzies immediately took to a iconic MINI ALL4 Racing
and finished a competition in a conspicuous fifth place with Tom Colsoul
(BEL) by his side.


In July, Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) finished third during Baja Aragon. One
month after he won his initial ever competition of a FIA Cross Country World
Cup. His feat during a Hungarian Baja was topping on a cake for
Hirvonen – in January, during his initial ever try during Dakar, he
finished in fourth place to turn a tip placed rookie. Bryce
Menzies carried on his good start with a MINI ALL4 racing with a
well-deserved second.


July was also a initial time a MINI ALL4 Racing family raced during an
eventuality entitled Silk Way Rally (non-FIA round). This marathon 15-day
eventuality encompassed 10,734 km pushing from Russia to China, three
countries and dual continents and finished with all 5 MINI ALL4 Racing
entries completing inside a tip ten, 4 of that inside a top
five. Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA)  and co-driver Timo Gottschalk (GER) were
a tip placed in second.


Baja Poland in Aug saw 3 MINI ALL4 Racing finish inside the
tip five. The other large news from this competition was a second place
outcome for Polish twin Krzysztof Holowczcyc (POL) / Lukasz Kurzeja
(POL). They narrowly missed out on a win by bad fitness though if
they had won it would have been a conspicuous outcome considering
Holowczcyc had late from racing a year before and usually competed
as a one-off event!


Olibya Rallye du Maroc saw nonetheless another 3 MINI ALL4 Racing finish
inside a tip five. This outcome is quite estimable of a mention
since all a MINI All4 Racing cars and crews were there for testing
and analysis functions only.


At a finish of a FIA Cross Country World Cup season, 3 MINI ALL
Racing drivers finished a championship within a tip 5 places
(tbc). Vladimir Vasiliev (RUS) finished tip of a MINI ALL4
Racing family in second place , Yazeed Al Rajhi (SAU) finishes third
and Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) fourth.


As 2016 draws to a close, MINI and a MINI ALL4 Racing family and
motorsport partners X-raid are not sitting behind relaxing. 2017 is fast
coming and with it a Dakar Rally and another universe cup. Test
and growth of machines and group is ongoing…


Find reports, photos and videos in high fortitude of prior MINI
ALL4 Racing activity on a BMW Media Website by clicking here.

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