‘FIAT Likes U’: a initial lectio magistralis of a 2014 book in Turin and Pisa

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  • The initial appointments with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles designers, engineers and managers are kicking off
  • The excellences of an general organisation during a use of immature students to minister in a petrify demeanour to their preparation
  • The lectures will be promote in live streaming on http://www.ustation.it/fiatlikesu and after will be permitted on Youtube and on a dedicated web site area: http://likesu.fiat.it/en/en/lectio-magistralis/
  • ‘Fiat Likes U’ includes a totally giveaway automobile pity use for a students of a 15 universities concerned in a project, 15 paid jobs as FIAT Ambassador and paid on-the-job training schemes in Italy and abroad
  • After a successful initial season, a plan crosses inhabitant borders and will hold 5 universities in 5 countries opposite Europe


The initial lectio magistralis of a new and softened 2014/2015 book of ‘Fiat Likes U’, a plan launched in 2012 by Fiat and a Italian Ministry of Education with a clientele of a Italian Ministry for a Environment, were hold in a universities of Turin and Pisa this week. The vital news is that this book will be stretched to embody 5 European universities, to sum no fewer than 15 universities and engage approximately 700,000 students.


The initial lectio magistralis entitled “Researches on picture and communication efficacy” was hold during Pisa University on Wednesday 21 May. Lecturers were Simone Ballarini, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Market Research Analysis Manager and Professor Alessandro Gandolfo, Dean of a School of Marketing and Market Research.


Thursday 22 May was a spin of Turin Polytechnic with a harangue entitled “Development and focus of lightweight technologies on a high-performance vehicle”. It was hold during a “Cittadella del Design e della Mobilità Sostenibile” by Mauro Pierallini (RD – EMEA Product Development – Head of Product Development – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) and professors of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Giancarlo Genta and Giovanni Belingardi.


The events in Turin and Pisa are a initial dual of a ‘FIAT Likes U’ programme. One doctrine will be hold by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles designers, engineers and managers in any of a universities concerned in a project. The design is to put a excellences of an general organisation during a use of immature students to minister in a petrify demeanour to their education.

The lectures will be promote in live streaming on a http://www.ustation.it/fiatlikesu website. Later on, a videos will be permitted on a project’s Youtube channel. The lessons can also be downloaded from a specific area of a Fiat Likes You website (click here to download).


The engaging lectio magistralis programme is an constituent partial of ‘Fiat Likes U 2014’ that aims during repeating a success of a initial book by charity a comprehensive, unsentimental and elementary beginning that is packaged with opportunities in terms of mobility, preparation and employment. More in detail, a concerned students might use a entirely giveaway automobile pity use featuring a swift of 500L Beats Edition, 500L Trekking and Panda 4×4 models. These vehicles are totally new and encapsulate all of Fiat’s knowledge in sustainable, permitted mobility. Some facilities also make them ideal for automobile sharing, such as 5 doors, a good interior space and a coherence of use. 


A tyro – a Fiat Ambassador, who will accept a 2000 euro salary – will be obliged for coordinating a automobile pity use during any university. And that is not all. The dual best Fiat Ambassadors will be awarded with a Fiat on giveaway loan for one month. Furthermore, Fiat is charity from one to 5 paid on-the-job training schemes for any university concerned in a project.


The cars in a “Fiat Likes U 2014” automobile pity swift all fit eco:Drive, a eco-friendly focus grown by Fiat in 2009. The complement analyses pushing character by collecting onboard information and reserve personalised tips with a design of shortening CO2 emissions and fuel expenditure by adult to 16%. The best eco:Driver of all a students in a “Fiat Likes U” automobile pity plan will win a Fiat on giveaway loan for one month and a giveaway sheet for EXPO 2015 of that Fiat S.p.A. and CNH Industrial are Official Global Partners.


More information on a 2014/2015 book of ‘Fiat Likes U’ is permitted on a www.fiatlikesu.it 



Turin, 22 May 2014


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