First AR-MAX1 compressor commissioned

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For MAN Diesel Turbo, a commissioning of a initial AR-MAX1 compressor in one of a world’s many complicated atmosphere subdivision units (ASU) now being built by Air Products in Yulin (Shaanxi) China in Apr 2015 is another prominence in a success story. Air Products’ ASU during a site is approaching to be entirely placed on-stream after this year.

One of a many severe compressor growth projects in MAN’s corporate story has so not usually been satisfied successfully, though has now gained an critical anxiety point. The axial compressor AR-MAX1 used as a categorical atmosphere compressor is already regarded as a technological miracle in a market.

“Commissioning of a initial AR-MAX1 for a new trickery in Yulin was really successful,” pronounced Mark Begg, Asia Operations Director Industrial Gases during Air Products. “We demeanour brazen to identical success with a additional AR-MAX1 units as we swell to bringing a ASU entirely on-stream in a entrance months. We are gratified with a operative attribute with MAN and demeanour brazen to a grant their record will yield to a trickery when complete.” Shortly after a final sales recover of a AR-MAX1, during a commencement of 2012, Air Products, a US-based tellurian industrial gas company, systematic 4 AIRMAX S trains. These any include of a categorical atmosphere compressor AR105/06M and an integrally geared compressor RG45-6 as a upholder compressor. A steam turbine DK80/190R positioned in between, drives both compressors.

“Since a sales recover of a AR-MAX1 we have perceived orders for 19 AIRMAX trains in total, 15 of that have already been delivered,” explains Dr. Kai Ziegler, Vice President Engineering Compressors and Expanders during MAN Diesel Turbo in Oberhausen. “This glorious response confirms a product planning,” he adds. As partial of a new high-level use proceed MAN Diesel Turbo enables that turbomachines can be operated optimally over a whole life cycle. “Amongst other things we have prepared a extensive remote monitoring and diagnosis complement with that we can support business after a commissioning, for limit accessibility and productivity,” explains Dr. Hans-O. Jeske, Member of a Executive Board and Chief Technology Officer of MAN Diesel Turbo.

The pattern of a AR-MAX1 combines a advantages of industrial compressors, such as strong pattern and a high turn of efficiency, with a advantage offering by compressors in gas turbines and aircraft engines: a quite high energy density. MAN Diesel Turbo can so offer vast atmosphere subdivision units, also termed mega-ASUs, with a singly compact, strong and fit compressor resolution from a singular supplier. All turbomachines in a AIRMAX sight are “Made by MAN.” While a companys plant in Berlin designs and manufactures a integrally geared compressors, AR-MAX1 axial compressors and pushing steam turbines are designed and constructed in Oberhausen, where similarly really vast exam beds are accessible for ASU atmosphere compressor trains.

Air Products is building and will possess and work a atmosphere subdivision section in Yulin, China. The plant section is designed for a prolongation ability of 12,000 tonnes of oxygen per day (t/d) and also provides poignant volumes of nitrogen and dry dense atmosphere for a coal-to-oil products facility.

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