First Drive: 2015 Ford Edge

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Edge of tomorrow

Phoenix, AZ – At a end of a new 2015 Ford Edge initial expostulate eventuality in Phoenix, we run into Chief Engineer J.D. Shanahan and he asks me “what did we think, Keri?”

I lean my head, debating how to answer. He substantially wants to hear about a dual all-new engines, generally a new customary 2.0 L EcoBoost that can draw 3,500 lb, and that distinct a predecessor, a 2015 Edge is accessible with all-wheel drive.

Maybe we should criticism on a styling and interior, given each shaft in this Edge is all-new.

Instead we contend “the small things, J.D. What we like best are a crafty new details.”

For instance, there’s a 180-degree camera mounted on a front fender that helps we see intensity obstacles when pulling out from a blind spot.

There’s a new tip drawer to a left of a steering wheel, and this appeals to my confidence side. The new media bin behind a gearshift, meanwhile, is privately designed to tighten even when a hulk phone, such as a iPhone 6 Plus, is inside. Better still, of a dual USB ports in here, one charges during double a speed of a required USB port.

The behind seats recline on all trims, and a new interior doorway hoop is designed to accommodate drivers with prolonged nails – a handles have been elongated, and a surrounding element is smoother so it no longer chips spike polish.

My favourite thing, though, is that Ford has reverted behind to tough buttons on a centre console. Gone is that hold nonsense that is perplexingly in vogue, and in a place are tough buttons and dials that can be used but stealing your eyes from a road, as it should be.

The interior is also some-more polished and upscale than a effusive model. Interior engineer Hak Soo Ha explains how a group complicated aspirational vehicles like Audi during a pattern phase, generally since this Edge is a tellurian automobile and contingency contest with a German badges in Europe.

The materials and finishings used in this second era indication are most finer, and a plastic-y pieces have been transposed with soft-touch everything.

The high pushing position provides good visibility, and a front headrests are half their former size, clearing adult a behind blind spot.

Also accessible in a Edge is adaptive journey control, and perpendicular park assist, a latter of that is a Ford debut.

Using ultrasonic sensors embedded around a vehicle, a Edge will spin 90 degrees and behind itself into a parking spot. we exam it, and a complement places me exquisitely into a parsimonious space between dual vast vans.

The bottom engine is Ford’s new 2.0 L four-cylinder EcoBoost, that outputs 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque.

But if we can spend a additional income for a Edge Sport’s 2.7 L V6 EcoBoost, do it. The engine produces a healthier 315 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque, and a concomitant blacked-out extraneous trim pieces demeanour sharp.

Both Edge models launch adult and down a dried mountains, and a six-speed involuntary that comes in each Edge shifts fast and seamlessly when we mount on a throttle. While a 2.0L does a good pursuit flitting cars uphill, a Sport leaves them behind.

Regardless of engine, a float peculiarity is really fast and well-spoken interjection to a all-new cessation and further of high-strength steel. The Edge stays glued to a highway as we toss it around curves. Gone is that lumbery steering feel, and for such a complicated vehicle, a Edge is surprisingly nimble.

It’s also quiet, roughly weirdly so. At one indicate we demeanour down and consider “hey, this doesn’t during all sound like I’m pushing during highway speeds.”

Sounds good right? Here comes a “but”: when a Edge arrives in dealerships this spring, it won’t use Ford’s arriving SYNC 3 infotainment system. The automobile association recently gave SYNC a sum overhaul, building a new complement from scratch, regulating all-new hardware and software. That means it’s not retrograde compatible. we tested a SYNC 3 antecedent final December, and it’s so hugely improved, it’s value watchful to buy a automobile subsequent fall, when it will be commissioned into this new Edge.

J.D. and we shake hands and partial ways, and as we start to travel divided we spin and yell, “Wait, one some-more thing! we adore that a Edge is built in Canada.”


2015 Ford Edge
Trim levels: Titanium 2.0L AWD Sport 2.7L AWD
Price as tested (before taxes):
Titanium 2.0L AWD $41,999
Sport 2.7L AWD $45,199
Notable options: all-wheel drive, hands-free lift gate, leather embellished exhilarated and cooled 10-way energy front seats, media bin, eight-inch hold screen, 19” wheels, ambient interior lighting, perpendicular park assist
Configuration: front-engine, all-wheel drive
2.0L four-cylinder / six-speed automatic
Power/torque: 245 hp/ 275 lb-ft
2.7L V6 / six-speed automatic
Power/torque: 315 hp and 350 lb-ft
Freight: $1,690
Fuel economy ratings (L/100 km):
Titanium 2.0L AWD – 11.8 city, 8.4 hwy
Sport 2.7L AWD – 13.6 city, 9.8 hwy
Competitors: Dodge Journey, Hyundai Santa Fe

Report Card (out of 10):
Equipment level: 9 – Standard facilities are bountiful.
Price: 7 – One of a top in segment.
Styling: 8 – The Edge only grew adult with class.
comfort (front): 8 – Seats are gentle and supportive; centre console tough buttons are back!
Comfort (rear): 8 – Twenty percent some-more behind room and customary recumbent seats.
Handling: 8 – No some-more lumber-y steering, well-spoken and fast float quality.
Performance: 8 – 2.0L launches well, a 2.7L launches great, both are amazingly quiet.
Storage: 9 – Plentiful, and a dark drawer by a steering circle is good for security.
Overall: 8 – Expect a Edge to pierce adult from a 3rd shred position.

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