First-ever BMW Group Digitalization and IT Research Award goes to Tencent Keen Security Lab for their connectivity and cybersecurity research. The dual companies devise to enhance their team-work and corner investigate work.

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The award

The BMW Group has been an early motorist of a digital transformation
in a automotive industry, always vigilant on assembly a continuously
changing needs of a customers. With regards to digital
transformation, both a BMW Group and a whole automotive industry
mount to advantage from a ongoing investigate in mechanism engineering.
The endowment honors pioneering investigate in program growth and
information technology, privately in synthetic intelligence, big
data, internet of things, cybersecurity, connectivity and unconstrained driving.

Connectivity and cybersecurity

With BMW ConnectedDrive, a BMW Group has been a heading automaker
in intelligent connectivity for 20 years. The enlargement of
connectivity and services, together with programmed pushing and
e-mobility, is among a pivotal areas of activity a BMW Group has
tangible in a Strategy NUMBER ONE NEXT with a aim of driving
a transformation. More than 10 million connected cars have already
been put on a highway worldwide. The augmenting lineup of connectivity
services and facilities ranges from real-time trade information,
jeopardy warnings and puncture call systems to a formation of apps
and remote services connected to mobile or intelligent home devices.
Security and remoteness are dual pivotal elements in a BMW Group’s product
growth process, pushing connectivity within and over the
vehicle. Along with augmenting functionality and fast technological
swell in automobile development, wiring and consumer devices, the
complexity of a altogether complement also increases. In response to what
has turn a competition between technological swell and new, presently
opposite conflict scenarios, a BMW Group has launched a comprehensive
cybersecurity movement plan, that includes tests conducted both
internally by a BMW Group and with a assistance of independent
institutions. Third parties increasingly play a essential purpose in
improving automotive confidence as they control their possess in-depth tests
of products and services.

Tencent Keen Security Lab

Keen Security Lab, a veteran confidence investigate lab underneath Tencent
Holdings Limited, is a globally eminent and reputable security
investigate group whose rarely specialized researchers have some-more than ten
years of knowledge in cybersecurity for PCs and mobile devices.
Tencent Keen Security Lab is actively concerned in inner research
and a growth of confidence encouragement recommendations for the
portfolio of online services, including social, payment, games and
cloud, supposing by a primogenitor company, Tencent Group. Keen Security
Lab believes transparency, pity and attention team-work are
essential to encourage a protected and secure universe as a Internet becomes
increasingly entire and confirmed in a bland lives.

In new years, Tencent Keen Security Lab stretched capabilities in
new investigate areas including connected/intelligent cars, IoT products,
cloud computing and virtualization, as good as AI. A vital research
concentration of Tencent Keen Security Lab is automotive security, a margin in
that a association has partnered adult with heading players. The company
supports a enrichment of confidence facilities of intelligent connected
cars by edition estimable investigate and ancillary automakers in
technological and technical growth matters. Tencent Keen Security
Lab believes a investigate pattern and formula will be profitable to
improving highway reserve for hundreds of millions of drivers, passengers
and pedestrians in many countries.

“We wish to minister a extensive imagination and in-depth
bargain of automobile technologies to improving a development
processes and confidence discipline in a automotive industry,
providing a common advantage for OEMs and customers,” states Sen Nie,
Lead Researcher of Vehicle and IoT Security Research.

The award-winning investigate

Between Jan 2017 and Feb 2018, Tencent Keen Security Lab
experts conducted extensive tests with several BMW models. In
doing so, they focused on conduct section and T-Box components of different
generations. “BMW belongs to a tip 5% in automotive IT-security,
that done it a rarely severe charge for a worldly team,”
says Samuel Lv, Director of Tencent Keen Security Lab. After 13 months
a group of researchers sensitive a BMW Group about their
extensive commentary on 14 opposite vulnerabilities directly
(Responsible Disclosure). Nine of a conflict scenarios compulsory a
earthy tie in a automobile or a plcae in a approach closeness of
a vehicle. Five conflict scenarios were formed on a remote connection
regulating a mobile write network. After gaining entrance to a head
section and T-box components, Tencent Keen Security Lab executed
privately grown exploits and in this approach was means to gain
control of a CAN buses to trigger arbitrary, unapproved diagnostic
automobile functions remotely. The tests were always run in a controlled
sourroundings on a premises of Tencent Keen Security Lab. Identifying,
scheming and implementing conflict scenarios around mobile network
requires extensive expertise. Tencent Keen Security Lab team
managed to exercise these formidable and worldly feat chains.
The BMW Group is assured that a investigate presented constitutes by far
a many extensive and formidable contrast ever conducted on BMW Group
vehicles by a third party. 

Promptly after a inner corroboration of a findings, a BMW
Group’s Automotive Security Team contacted Tencent Keen Security Lab
to endorse a commentary and started building measures. Subsequently,
these upgrades were rolled out in a BMW Group backend and uploaded
to a telematics control units around over a atmosphere connection. The BMW
Group develops additional program updates, that as common will be
done accessible for business during BMW dealerships. With the
partnership of a dual parties, a confidence updates grown by
BMW Group urge a confidence turn of BMW’s products and services
for a customers’ benefit.

For this superb investigate work, Tencent Keen Security Lab has
been comparison as a initial leader of a BMW Group Digitalization and
IT Research Award. “With this endowment we wish to respect a experts who
support us in a mutation towards digitalized mobility,”
explained Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President Electronics BMW
Group, when he presented a endowment to a investigate group of Tencent
Keen Security Lab during BMW Group China’s offices in Beijing. “We thank
Tencent Keen Security Lab for their extensive effort, their
worldly investigate and a rarely veteran collaboration.”
Tencent Keen Security Lab will make a outline of a investigate findings
available. A corner technical news detailing a vulnerabilities,
feat bondage and implemented measures will be published by a two
parties subsequent year.

Future cooperation

In an increasingly digitalized and connected world, confidence is key.
The merging of interfaces between opposite consumer devices, as well
as between inclination and their surroundings, generates new advantages
for business and even poignant advantages for society. At a same
time, however, these interfaces open adult a intensity of entrance and
strategy for bootleg antagonistic attacks. Based on a successful
cooperation, Tencent Keen Security Lab and a BMW Group are
deliberating options for corner in-depth investigate and development
activities. Talks on a pattern of a destiny team-work were hold at
a endowment ceremony. The corner investigate will concentration on a confidence of
Android embedded systems, and on unconstrained pushing confidence and
testing. Additionally, consulting services on confidence in over-the-air
program refurbish mechanisms are within a range of destiny collaboration.


Link: Tencent
Keen Security Lab investigate paper


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