First German plcae for Audi on demand

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The use offering by Audi provides really flexible, customer‑focused entrance to reward mobility. Depending on their personal preferences, users can select a specific indication of their enterprise and book their Audi for as prolonged as they need it, starting with a one‑hour minimum. The use is billed on an hourly basis, with no mileage cap. The Audi on demand preference consists mostly of new products from a code that have usually recently done their debuts. With prestigious tip models and an endless operation of innovative technologies, Audi on demand turns airfield transfers into a special pushing experience.

In a open of 2015, San Francisco became a world’s initial plcae for a reward mobility service. Its explain of mixing coherence and exclusiveness has met with an unusually certain response from reward customers. 90 percent of Audi on demand users in a United States contend a use exceeds their expectations.

Audi on demand is one of a brand’s 4 innovative use models: Audi select, that allows business to select between opposite models for an all‑inclusive rate; Audi at home, a mobility resolution for upscale vital in megacities; and Audi shared fleet for intelligent government of association cars. Now that a services have successfully finished their exam proviso in comparison markets, Audi is gradually rising them internationally – many recently with Audi at home in Hong Kong, Audi shared fleet in a United States and Audi select in Denmark.

myAudi Sphere non-stop in mid‑2016 during Munich Airport, where it is a executive heart for Audi on demand. Here business can also privately book their car, advantage from a recommendation of Audi experts and also knowledge digital innovations from a Audi sales world.

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