First convene for No. 57

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Together with a former owners of a strange 911, Bernd Ibold, Trödeltrupp horde Otto Schulte has driven a automobile in a 11th using of a “Hamburg-Berlin Classic” classic-car rally.

In 2014, a TV group headed by horde Otto Schulte of a junk-hunting existence uncover Der Trödeltrupp – Das Geld liegt im Keller found a singular strange 911 from a 1960s in a barn. The find incited out to be one of a initial 911s ever produced: a red Coupé had been built in Oct 1964 as one of a initial array models of a sports car, that still gimlet a form nomination 901. Mere fragments of a red 911 were still to be found underneath a centimetres-thick covering of dust. Both front fenders had left blank and decay had claimed whole sections of a vehicle, including a brakes and a engine. The Porsche Museum acquired a strange 911 for 107,000 euros, shutting an critical opening in a collection of seminal classics constructed by a brand.

Bernd Ibold, Otto Schulte, l-r, No. 57, Bremen, 2018, Porsche AG

Bernd Ibold (l.) and Otto Schulte in Bremen

Porsche painstakingly easy a strange 911 from 2014 to 2017, reconstructing it as authentically and true-to-the-original as possible. Three buliding of a year after a finish of a replacement work, a red Coupé will now once again take adult a function for that it was built: driving. The “Hamburg-Berlin Classic” will be a initial rally. Over a entrance 3 days, some 600 kilometres distortion forward of a red Coupé with framework series 300 057. And it’s not only a automobile that will be creation a convene debut. It will be a initial convene for Bernd Ibold and Otto Schulte as well.

This year’s using of a “Hamburg-Berlin Classic” took drivers from Bremen to Hamburg by lifelike landscapes of northern Germany. The finish line for a classical models was a famed Hamburg Fish Market. Alongside a early 911 (start series 75), dual other 911s from a company’s collection also took partial in a “Hamburg-Berlin Classic”: a 911 SC 3.0 Targa (model year 1981; start series 130) and a 911 2.7 (model year 1975; start series 142).

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