First Seat Leon TGIs leave Martorell

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First SEAT Leon TGIs leave MartorellThe initial corporate swift of a Leon TGI* left a SEAT prolongation plant in Martorell this morning. Ramón Paredes, a Vice-President of Governmental and Institutional Relations of SEAT and a Volkswagen Group in Spain, handed over 6 units of a SEAT Leon TGI –running on both dense healthy gas (CNG) and petrol – to Antonio Murugó, President of a HAM group.

The HAM organisation President highlighted a fact that “Having acquired these SEAT Leons powered by dense healthy gas, we can truthfully contend that they are nonetheless another component in assisting us to broach on HAM’s fasten – undertaken 4 years ago – to make disdainful use of vehicles powered by choice fuels other than diesel and petrol, appetite sources that are cleaner and some-more eco-friendly. It is all a some-more delightful to be means to do this with vehicles built by a neighbours SEAT during a Martorell prolongation plant”.

For SEAT “today is an critical day for a fasten to both business and sustainability. The initial Leon CNG corporate swift in Spain is now a existence interjection to HAM. HAM is a business organisation that is not usually a benchmark for a gas industry, though also intends – like SEAT – to continue deepening a fasten to CNG mobility over a subsequent few months”, commented Ramón Paredes.

The Leon 1.4 TGI – now fasten a Mii Ecofuel, a brand’s many tolerable city automobile – is a many new instance of SEAT’s fasten to CNG. The SEAT Leon TGI is one of a many fuel-efficient models on a market, and has a operation of 1,360 kilometres uninterrupted with both fuel tanks full. In gas-only mode, a many fuel-efficient and eco-friendly option, a operation is 420 kilometres; a 50-litre petrol tank adds another 940 kilometres, giving this automobile a longest operation in a segment.

The Leon TGI can cover a stretch of 100 kilometres for only 3.50€ during a stream cost for dense healthy gas. This means that a outing from Barcelona to Madrid costs approximately 20€ – a saving of 30% compared to a same stretch on diesel fuel, and 50% compared to petrol. CNG record also helps revoke CO2 emissions by 25% in comparison with normal fuels such as petrol. In a box of a Leon TGI, CO2 emissions are 94 g/km.

The automobile code markets CNG vehicles in markets like Germany, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and a Netherlands, where an adequate infrastructure can accommodate a direct for dense healthy gas. In Spain a association launched a many fuel-efficient CNG vehicles during a commencement of a year: a Mii Ecofuel** (SEAT’s lowest-emissions automobile during 79 g/km) and a Leon TGI.

CNG: Compressed Natural Gas as an automotive fuel.
TGI: SEAT blurb name for TSI engines propelled by healthy gas

The HAM Group, (headquarters Abrera, Barcelona) founded in 1986, and benefaction in some-more than 11 countries, is a organisation of use companies dedicated to a universe of technical gases. One of a core businessses is a engineering and construction of regasification plants for, as good as selling and ride of, liquefied healthy gas. Its network of open healthy gas use stations – of that it has built some-more than 30 over a past few years – extends all over Spain. It carries out all a activities to a top standards of quality, reserve and honour for a environment.

One of a HAM Group’s goals is to rise a marketplace of healthy gas as a most reduction costly and reduction polluting choice fuel.

Fully in line with a fasten to environmental protection, HAM’s stream products ride swift comprises 160 complicated vehicles, 90 of that are powered by healthy gas; all a cars and light blurb vehicles also use healthy gas, ensuing in vital financial and appetite savings.

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