First feat of a deteriorate for a BMW M6 GT3 during a Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

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Nürburg. Second competition of a deteriorate in a VLN Endurance
Championship Nürburgring, initial attainment of a deteriorate for a BMW M6
GT3 during a Nürburgring-Nordschleife (GER): Jesse Krohn (FIN) and
Connor De Phillippi (USA) won a “43rd DMV
4-Stunden-Rennen”. After 27 laps, they had an advantage of around
9 seconds in a #99 ROWE Racing BMW M6 GT3. At a same time, it
was ROWE Racing’s initial win with a BMW M6 GT3 during a Nürburgring.


De Phillippi started a competition from seventh place on a grid. In
ideal conditions, with object and spring-like temperatures, he and
team-mate Krohn gathering a trouble-free race. In a final hour, Krohn
took a lead and brought a BMW M6 GT3 home in initial place.


The Walkenhorst Motorsport group also cumulative a top-ten result.
Jonathan Hirschi (SUI), Hunter Abbott (GBR) and Christian Krognes
(NOR) finished tenth altogether in a #35 BMW M6 GT3. In addition, their
team-mates Henry Walkenhorst, Rudi Adams and Andreas Ziegler (all GER)
were initial in a SP9 Masters standings. A difficulty win also went to
Heiko Eichenberg (GER) and Yannick Mettler (SUI) in a Team 828
Racing by Sorg Rennsport BMW M4 GT4 in a SP10 class. In a V4
class, Christopher Rink, Danny Brink and Phillipp Leisen (all GER)
were winning in a Pixum Team Adrenalin Motorsport BMW 325i.
Victory in a SP6 difficulty went to Martin Kroll, Michael Kroll, Chantal
Kroll and Roland Eggimann (all SUI) in a Hofor-Racing BMW M3 GTR.
Marco Petry, Michael Mönch and Jan von Kiedrowski (all GER) secured
a difficulty win in a SP5 difficulty in their BMW 325i. A serve class
win was achieved by BMW 325 drivers Olli Kangas (FIN) and Robert
Pentén (SWE) in a SP4 class.


In a BMW M235i Racing Cup difficulty David Griessner (AUT) and Yannick
Fübrich (GER) distinguished a win, repeating their attainment of dual weeks
ago during a deteriorate opener. The pairing took to a lane in a #650
automobile by Pixum Team Adrenalin Motorsport. Second place went to Tristan
Viidas (EST) of group Securtal Sorg Rennsport. Third place was secured
by Tobias Müller, Nico Otto and Lars Peucker (all GER) in a Scheid –
Honert Motorsport team’s #666 BMW M235i Racing.


Reactions on a “43rd DMV 4-Stunden-Rennen”.


Jesse Krohn (#99 ROWE Racing BMW M6 GT3): “It’s mega
racing here in this weather, with so many people examination and a team
operative so fantastically. It’s good credentials for a 24h competition and
this attainment motivates a group even more. I’m unequivocally happy for the
whole crew; they worked unequivocally tough this weekend.

It wasn’t easy though a group did a good pursuit with a plan and it
was a glorious expostulate by Connor.”


Connor De Phillippi (#99 ROWE Racing BMW M6 GT3): “It
was my second competition in a BMW M6 GT3 here during a Nordschleife and my
initial win with my new family during BMW. It feels unequivocally great. I’m very
happy for a group since they worked really hard. We didn’t get the
outcome we wanted in a initial VLN competition though we bounced behind – with a win.”


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