First win for a new BMW M6 GT3 – one-two-three outcome during dress operation for a 24-hour competition during a Nürburgring.

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Nürburgring (DE), 14th May 2016. The BMW M6 GT3 has been representing
BMW in GT competition events on racetracks around a universe given January
2016 – and has now been rewarded with a initial victory. After four
hours of a third competition in a VLN Endurance Championship during the
Nürburgring (DE), a BMW works upheld series 31 Schubert
Motorsport automobile crossed a line in initial place. BMW Motorsport Junior
Jesse Krohn (FI), who had claimed stick position in qualifying, and his
team-mates Jörg Müller (DE) and Marco Wittmann (DE) ensured that the
dress operation for a 24-hour competition during a Nürburgring, that will
take place on a Nordschleife on 28th/29th May, was a sum success.
They also done story for BMW Motorsport as a initial winners in the

The BMW M6 GT3 also finished in second and third positions. The
series 39 Schubert Motorsport car, that competed in a special design
for a initial time to symbol a 100th birthday celebrations for a BMW
Group and a BMW brand, finished in second place. John Edwards (US),
Lucas Luhr (DE) and Martin Tomczyk (DE) common pushing duties. Third
place went to a series 36 Walkenhorst Motorsport car, driven by Tom
Blomqvist (GB), Victor Bouveng (SE) and Christian Krognes (NO). The
team’s series 35 second automobile was incompetent to contest in a competition due to a
collision in qualifying.

Thanks to such good formula in these basic races, 4 BMW M6
GT3s have already claimed their places in Top 30 subordinate for the
24-hour race. Both Schubert Motorsport cars are already certain of taking
part, as are one automobile from ROWE Racing and one from Walkenhorst Motorsport.

Reactions to a third VLN race:

Torsten Schubert (Schubert Motorsport Team Principal):
“This win was only prerogative for a tough work put in by my team
over a final few days. We gave a all to give a cars a best
credentials for a 24-hour-race and all went good today. I
consider it was good to exam what speed we can strech in racing trim.
Being a initial group to win a competition in a BMW M6 GT3 is a special
honour for us.”

Jesse Krohn (number 31, Schubert Motorsport): “I did
not realize that this was a initial ever win for a BMW M6 GT3. It is
good to be a partial of this delight and it creates me unequivocally proud. we put
in a good path in qualifying, that was good adequate for stick position.
We took this opening into a competition and were means to secure the
win. We strike all a targets this weekend and prepared for a 24-hour
competition in a best probable way.”

Martin Tomczyk (number 39, Schubert Motorsport):
“It’s always a good feeling for a motorist to be station on a podium
– even if that was not a priority for us in this basic race.
We wanted to ready as good as probable for a prominence of the
deteriorate in dual weeks. That includes saying only what a automobile can do, so
we have shown only what is probable with a BMW M6 GT3. We are
looking brazen to measuring a opening opposite a competition
in a 24-hour race.”

Tom Blomqvist (number 36, Walkenhorst Motorsport):
“Congratulations to a Walkenhorst Motorsport team. The guys did a
illusory pursuit and enabled us to secure a lectern finish in a dress
operation for a 24-hour-race. we would also like to honour my
BMW team-mates. Claiming first, second and third places is a great
result. From a personal indicate of view, we felt this was really
complete credentials for a Nordschleife. Racing in a BMW M6 GT3,
as good as in a BMW M235i Racing, unequivocally helped me to go to the
extent during this circuit.”

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