Five stars for Audi A6 in US NCAP pile-up test

Posted on 26. Feb, 2014 by in Audi Canada

Adding to a tip measure in a Euro NCAP in 2011, a U.S. National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA) has now given a stream Audi A6 a limit rating of 5 stars for pacifist pile-up safety.

The formula for adult insurance in frontal and side impact collisions, as good as in a rollover situation, put a stream Audi A6 among a safest cars in a category. In 2010 a group done a mandate for a front and side impact collision tests even worse in sequence to simulate tangible collision scenarios even some-more accurately.

The scores that a testers awarded a Audi A6 for motorist and front newcomer insurance in frontal and side impact collisions simply warranted a automobile a tip rating of 5 stars. Rear occupants of a Audi A6 are also good protected, as a 5-star outcome for back passengers in side impact collisions shows.

Audi also places limit value on constituent safety, going above and over a measures assessed by a institution. A core component of that plan is a involuntary stretch control complement adaptive journey control (ACC) with stop go function, that can automatically move a automobile to a finish standstill. After a brief stop, during a trade vigilance for instance, a automobile automatically accelerates again and maintains a selected stretch from a car in front. Other assistance systems embody Audi active line support and a line change partner Audi side assist.

The Audi pre clarity complement is a miracle in active safety: In situations where a collision is probable, “Audi pre clarity plus” can trigger a prejudiced focus of a brakes. If a collision is unavoidable, a full braking focus might follow prejudiced breaking. This reduces a astringency of a impact. Targeted braking assists drivers in situations where they do not request sufficient braking force notwithstanding carrying perceived visible and acoustic warnings. The NHTSA has rated a Audi pre clarity complement as rarely recommended.

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