Flagship for destiny technology: a MINI Electric is prepared for take-off.

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Video shave in hallmark code character showcases a entirely electrically
powered MINI Cooper SE as a “muscle car” holding on a purpose of an
aircraft yank during Frankfurt airfield – First quite electrically powered
indication done by a British reward manufacturer is to be constructed at
a MINI plant in Oxford starting in Nov 2019 – Vehicle
represents serve explanation indicate of a BMW Group’s foundation strategy. 


Munich. Noiseless, emissions-free though really powerful:
a MINI Electric will shortly heighten a knowledge of locally
emissions-free mobility with a further of singular pushing fun and
a particular aptitude that is so standard of a British reward brand.
The new “testing programme” for a initial quite electrically
powered MINI was equally unconventional: on a incursion to Frankfurt
airport, a close-to-series antecedent of a new indication demonstrated
only what electromobility in a character of MINI is able of setting
in motion. The MINI Cooper SE slipped true into a purpose of an
aircraft tug, sourroundings off to a loading indicate towing a Boeing 777F
burden aircraft with an unladen weight of some 150 tons. The unusual
hook-up was filmed in a video clip. Created collaboratively by a BMW
Group and Lufthansa Cargo, a 45-second blurb shows a MINI
Cooper SE as a “muscle car” pulling a significantly incomparable and
heavier ride aircraft opposite a airfield. The shave outlines the
start of a series of amicable media videos portraying a MINI Cooper SE
in an sparkling and interesting manner. The videos, that will be
published in a lead adult to a marketplace introduction, will couple various
topics of a BMW Group to be brought together.”

The MINI Cooper SE will go into sequence prolongation during a British
plant in Oxford as of Nov 2019. It is formed on a MINI 3 door
and combines locally emissions-free pushing with a brand’s
evil go-kart feeling, reward peculiarity and fluent design.
As such, a MINI Electric offers a new form of tolerable mobility
tangible by pushing fun and individuality, reflecting consistent
doing of a BMW Group’s foundation strategy. After the
BMW i3 it is a second quite electrically powered indication within the
company’s reward car portfolio. Having been a summary of
stirring mobility in a civic sourroundings for 60 years, a MINI
code will in destiny mix locally emissions-free pushing in city
trade with a singular romantic experience. In this way, a MINI
Electric will be a pushing force for destiny expostulate technology. Helping
a MINI Cooper SE perform a flesh automobile role, a performance
characteristics of a electric engine mix extemporaneous power
smoothness with a high turn of torque accessible directly from standing.
The ongoing enlargement of a operation of vehicles with electrified drive
opposite a several brands and segments is one of a pivotal areas via
that a BMW Group is moulding a mobility of a destiny formed on its
corporate plan NUMBER ONE NEXT.

With a fantastic uncover of strength during Frankfurt airport, a MINI
Cooper SE antecedent bending adult with an aircraft that already had an
critical purpose to play in a display of innovative BMW Group
car and record concepts several months ago. Last September,
a long-haul ride aircraft supposing a sourroundings for a rather
special car showcase – namely that of a BMW Vision iNEXT World
Flight. Over a duration of 5 days, media member were given
a event to perspective a BMW Group’s latest prophesy car during the
5 venues in Munich, New York, San Francisco and Peking. In
credentials for this, Lufthansa Cargo and BMW Group trade fair
construction specialists converted a many fit burden aircraft
of a category into an exclusive, airworthy display height for
a BMW Vision iNEXT. This prophesy car stands as a pitch for the
BMW Group’s pool of destiny technologies and innovations that is used
for all a company’s brands. The sequence prolongation car model
formed on a prophesy indication will be constructed during a BMW Group plant in
Dingolfing from 2021 onwards as a latest BMW Group technology
flagship, featuring countless innovations from a future-oriented
areas of D-ACES (Design – Automated Driving, Connectivity,
Electrification and Services).


In box of queries greatfully contact:
BMW Group Press and PR

Sylvia Heydt, Communication MINI
Tel.: +49-89-382-23522; E-mail: sylvia.heydt@bmwgroup.com

Andreas Lampka, Head of Communication MINI
+49-89-382-23662; E-mail: andreas.lampka@mini.com


The BMW Group

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a BMW Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of
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In 2018, a BMW
Group sole over 2,490,000 newcomer vehicles and some-more than 165,000
motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation in a financial year
2018 was € 9.815 billion on revenues amounting to € 97.480 billion. As
of 31 Dec 2018, a BMW Group had a workforce of 134,682
The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on
long-term meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore
determined ecological and amicable sustainability via a value
chain, extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.

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