Flat-out in a city: BMW and a DTM conduct to a iconic Norisring.

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Last year, Marco Wittmann (GER) claimed his best outcome so far
during his home competition – fourth place in a Saturday competition – on his approach to
a second drivers’ title. Tom Blomqvist (GBR) started from pole
position for a initial time in his DTM career on Sunday.


The conditions so far:
Saturday’s competition during the
Hungaroring saw Timo Glock (GER) finish runner-up to explain his second
lectern outcome of a season. He climbed one place in a Drivers’
Championship on a behind of a result, and is now a best-placed BMW
motorist in seventh with 49 points after 6 of 18 races. Bruno Spengler
(CAN) and Maxime Martin (BEL) also had means for jubilee in
Budapest; like Spengler on Saturday, Martin came home third on Sunday
to acquire his initial lectern of a year.

In a Manufacturers’ Championship, BMW lies third with 124
points brazen of a dual races in Nuremberg. Audi leads a standings
with 284 points.

The expectations:

BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt: “The eventuality at
a Norisring always gives we goosebumps. Only here do a fans
emanate such a vibe in a paddock and a grandstands. We will do
all in a energy to give a many BMW employees and fans in
Nuremberg, who give us illusory support, something to applaud again
this weekend. We got a many out of a Budapest weekend, with three
podiums. That has to be a idea again during a Norisring. It will be
tough work, as a circuit has a possess special characteristics.
However, during BMW Motorsport, we are looking brazen to this challenge.”


Stefan Reinhold (team principal, BMW Team RMG): “The
Norisring is a special circuit, though also a wily one. As such, we are
unequivocally intrigued to see what a change of energy will be this year. The
races in Nuremberg suffer a cult status. We are operative tough to be as
successful as probable with all a cars. Of course, everybody in the
group would quite like to see Marco Wittmann finally make it
onto a lectern during his home race.”


Marco Wittmann (#11, Red Bull BMW M4 DTM – 62 races, 8 wins,
16 podiums, 8 stick positions, 547 points, 2 Drivers’ titles):
“I design copiousness of movement and a lot of excitement. As the
usually travel circuit on a calendar, a Norisring is always a
prominence and a fact that it is my home competition creates it all a more
special. As always, there will be a lot of friends and informed faces
there, as good as my fan club, who will be there to support me and
hearten me on. That spurs me on tremendously, and we am apparently hoping
for a good result. Last year we finished fourth and usually missed out on
a mark on a rostrum. As such, it is now time to go one improved and
finish on a podium.”


Augusto Farfus (#15, Shell BMW M4 DTM – 72 races, 4 wins, 12
podiums, 5 stick positions, 345 points):
“The competition during the
Norisring is a best eventuality of a whole year. There are always an
implausible array of fans there. In theory, a lane has a very
elementary layout. In tangible fact, it is intensely formidable to get
all right there. It is roughly always hot, and a bumps and
prolonged straights make a circuit a singular challenge. we always enjoy
being there, as we are unequivocally tighten to a fans, even when we are in
a car.”

Timo Glock (#16, DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM – 60 races, 3 wins,
6 podiums, 2 stick positions, 238 points):
“The atmosphere
during a Norisring is always fantastic. We’ll have to wait and see how
good it works out for us from a racing perspective. We will certainly
try to get a limit from a usually travel circuit on a race
calendar. we wish we will be means to collect adult a few some-more points.”


Bart Mampaey (team principal, BMW Team RBM): The
Norisring is a unequivocally special circuit, on that all has to come
together ideally in sequence to be quick. We coped good with the
plea final year. Second and third was an superb outcome in
Sunday’s race. As such, we are looking brazen to a dual races during the
heart of Nuremberg unequivocally much. The atmosphere there is always something
unequivocally special for everybody in a team. Nowhere else do fans get closer
to a action. How we transport out on a lane will come down to small
details, as a gaps between a cars are even smaller on this short
circuit than they are elsewhere.”


Bruno Spengler (#7, BMW Bank BMW M4 DTM – 145 races, 14 wins,
46 podiums, 17 stick positions, 775 points, 1 Drivers’ title):
“The atmosphere during a Norisring is unique. It is very
special to expostulate in a city. The circuit is unequivocally difficult, as you
can't concede yourself to make a mistake. Then we have a atmosphere
with a many fans during a Dutzendteich. It unequivocally is a prominence of
a DTM calendar. You always get a lot function there and there many
overtaking opportunities. That creates it unequivocally engaging for us
drivers too.”


Tom Blomqvist (#31, BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM – 42 races,
1 win, 5 podiums, 1 stick position, 174 points):
“The sheer
array of fans creates a Norisring great. The atmosphere is simply
class. It unequivocally creates a eventuality one of a kind. The circuit is
totally opposite to a rest of a marks on a DTM calendar. It
is a usually travel circuit we expostulate on. There are a lot of bumps, long
straights and unequivocally parsimonious corners. That means that a final placed
on a automobile are totally opposite to anywhere else. Driving there is
special, though good fun. Last year we started from a front quarrel on
Sunday, and we roughly won a race. Hopefully this year will be equally successful.”


Maxime Martin (#36, SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM – 52 races, 2 wins, 7
podiums, 2 stick positions, 263 points):
“We had a really
good weekend during a Norisring final year: Tom and we finished second and
third with BMW Team RBM. we am assured brazen of a subsequent dual races,
nonetheless it will be formidable again, as a Norisring is always
intensely close. The atmosphere is unique. The fans, a street
circuit – it is all illusory for a DTM. It is no fluke that
they call a Norisring a DTM’s Monaco, and we am unequivocally looking
brazen to it.”



The travel circuit in Nuremberg has been a permanent tie on the
DTM calendar given a array was launched in 1984. Each year, the
open roads around a Dutzendteich lake are remade into a
racetrack. BMW has claimed 5 wins and 18 podiums so distant during the
iconic circuit. Last time out in 2016, Tom Blomqvist finished
runner-up and Maxime Martin came home third in Sunday’s race.



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