Focus ST Owner: Justin Skinner

Posted on 08. Sep, 2016 by in Ford Canada

To contend Competitive Cyclist Justin Skinner is a fan of his Focus ST is an understatement. Nicknaming his float a “EcoBeast”, he loves each second as he transports his towering bike to and from trails.

EcoBoost Engine 6-Speed Manual Transmission

There’s law behind a fun nickname, given a Focus ST has 252 horsepower and a high-output 2.0L EcoBoost Engine. Able to gnaw adult a lane and those prolonged stretch drives, a ‘Beast pulls like zero Justin has ever driven before.

Justin is all smiles when he talks about a pristine fun of pushing his Focus ST and with good reason. A tighten ratio 6-speed primer rigging box helps keep a engine within a energy rope between shifts. Having that overdrive 6th gear matched with a EcoBoost engine provides fuel potency advantages when you’re on a highway too.


He loves his ’Beast for some-more than a performance. Justin confesses he can’t live though a voice-activated SYNC® system. It reads his content messages, answers phone calls, and plays song from his phone though him touching a button. Who wouldn’t conclude carrying that additional palm while perplexing to navigate bustling streets?

Lots of Room

Space can be an emanate with some sporty vehicles, though not a Focus ST. There’s a startling volume of room in a behind – so much, that Justin can put an additional bike in there. But, we don’t have to be an zealous biker to comprehend how all that space could work for you.

Interior Craftsmanship

A fan of a interior and exterior, Justin appreciates a craftsmanship of a seats. He claims they’re a many gentle he’s ever sat in. It’s no consternation he feels that way, RECARO seats provide a turn of support that is singular for a automobile in this class. With accent stitching available, a seats unequivocally give his Focus ST that opening automobile feel.

Comfort, and an engine that performs, creates transporting his bikes not usually enjoyable, though a heart racing good time. The Focus ST embodies performance, technology, and design. Why not get in on a movement and check out Share your #FordOwner story with us. You could be next!

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