Father’s Day is fast coming and let me guess, we haven’t bought a present for father yet? Don’t worry, I’m not going to make we feel bad – there’s no time for that!

The time is ticking, so let’s get true to business. Here are some Ford-themed present ideas for a aged male who takes honour in his ride.

For a sporty dad

If your father likes baseball, this Louisville Slugger Bat ($89.00) makes a ideal gift. The wooden, 34-inch bat is all blue and facilities a distinguished Ford logo. Dad can hang it adult in his garage as a enrich to his ride, or even take it to a solid to play with!


For a stylish dad

Does your father cruise himself a male of excellent taste? If yes, afterwards we should check out this superb Mustang Sport Shirt ($77.95). Featuring a hastily Mustang trademark on a chest, it could be good for him to wear while cruising in his flesh car. 


For a neat weird dad

My father likes to keep things additional clean, generally when it comes to his ride. If your aged male is a same way, this case organizer ($28.69) will do a trick. It’s got Velcro strips that insert to automobile floors and carpets, as good as an tractable shoulder tag that creates it simply movable.


For a tech dad

Is your father trustworthy to his smartphone? Really, nowadays, who isn’t? This intriguing smartphone wallet ($6.95) is something that’s certain to greatfully him. Attaching to a behind of many smartphones, it can reason adult to 3 cards (business cards or credit cards). Dad can even overlay adult some money and store it there too, if he wants.


For a unsentimental dad

If your father is roving around on a good set of wheels, no doubt he’s constantly checking a tire pressure. That’s where this digital tire gauge ($29.95) comes in. He’ll never have to flicker – or lift out a reading eyeglasses – to see a vigour like he does on those irritating gauges with ruler markings.


For a parched dad

Does your aged male get simply raw by a summer heat? No problem! This 24-can cooler ($36.95) competence be a answer. It’s got a built in bottle opener and tip bungee cords for even some-more storage. ’Nuff said!



For a cowboy dad

OK so your father drives around in his F-150 sanctimonious he’s a cowboy. Mid-life crisis? Who cares – only welcome it and get him this straw cowboy hat ($15.95). #TruckYeah

Have we motionless what we are going to get for your father on a special day? Are we formulation on doing anything special? Let us know in a comments below!