Load adult your Ford Escape since we’ve designed a ultimate day outing from Halifax to Mahone Bay.

Head towards a beauty of inlet during Birch Cove Lake Wilderness where we can bike or travel and be surrounded by sensuous greenery. Afterwards, relax your sleepy muscles and cosset yourself during Spa Chappelle with a massage, since because not? Enjoy a brief travel in a fever during Cleveland Beach Provincial Park with a picnic, and swimming available. When you’re ready, strike a highway westward along St. Margarets Bay Road and ready to punch into a tasty pastries of The Bluebird Bakery. Further along, learn singular antiques and one of a kind object during Come By Chance Antiques. Depending on your arrival, we competence be only in time for a live low-pitched opening or a book reading during The Biscuit Eater café and bookstore. As we strech Mahone Bay, take your collect of paddling a peaceful waters of a Bay, draft a boat, take a yacht debate and try a south shore.

Where’s your favourite day outing taken you?

Ford Canada Ultimate Road Trip Series: Halifax to Mahone Bay