Ford F-Series: 50 years of Canadian sales leadership

Posted on 11. Apr, 2016 by in Ford Canada

Canadians have strictly named Ford’s F-series a undisputed champion of trucks.

For a past 6 years, a F-Series has been a tip offered car in all of Canada. And, for 50 uninterrupted years, a F-series has been named a bestselling pickup in a country. That’s 5 decades of sales leadership, and a explain that no other car in a nation can make.

We during Ford don’t take this miracle lightly. It’s an feat that couldn’t be reached though a invariable support of a F-Series family opposite Canada. Ford lorry owners are passionate, knowledgeable, and know loyal peculiarity when they see it.

So, as a tiny appreciate we – we wanted to do some fun things for a Ford family.

First, we distinguished with a badass cake – since any good celebration needs a cake.

Then, we brought new definition to Built Ford Tough with an epic 12,000 square domino effect. We partnered with Lily Hevesh, one of North America’s best domino artists, to build a tradition square with a overwhelming 2017 Super Duty station in as a model.

The sprawling master domino devise was custom-designed for Ford Canada and built over dual full days, requiring 32 hours of perfected precision.

We during Ford put a lot of detail, craftsmanship, and record into a trucks – and we famous those same qualities in a domino artist.

We had one shot to lift off this large plan and we were anxious by a results.

Much has altered in a final 50 years, though a joining to producing a best pickups in a marketplace has always remained consistent. Here’s to a subsequent 50, Canada!

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