It’s Feb again, and we know what that means: it’s time for a 2014 book of a Canadian International AutoShow! The eventuality will be hold during a Metro Toronto Convention Center from Feb 14 to Feb 23 and promises to showcase Canada’s hottest new automotive trends.

At a tip of everyone’s must-see list this year: a sizzling new 2015 Ford Mustang, a head-turning new 2015 Edge concept, and a phenomenon of a many energetically expected subsequent expansion of Canada’s favorite lorry for 48 years using – a all new 2015 Ford F-150. Following a unveiling, pattern a pleasing low dive featuring F-series seminar tables, a debate of a torture-tested 2.7L EcoBoost engines, and a hands-on initial demeanour during all of a new facilities that went into creation a F-150 grasp such an evolutionary jump in lorry design. From pattern to performance, each lorry customary is about to be rewritten with this unveiling. It’s going to be an extraordinary event.

In further to a vehicles themselves, a Ford pavilion will underline some of a many modernized new technologies, arch among that are a barrier deterrence and unconstrained pushing systems (yes, we review that right), adaptive journey control, line gripping support (one of my personal favorites), and a whole new era of next-gen user-optimized displays and intelligent device connectivity. If we haven’t gifted those technologies for yourself yet, do yourself a outrageous preference and spend a few mins personification with them. It will totally change a approach we demeanour during driving. (Tip: take advantage of a device charging stations while you’re there.)

It isn’t all about a cars though: to make certain we are entertained as good as inspired, Ford also skeleton to hit your hosiery off with augmented, 4D, and practical existence tech soak use for all ages. Here’s a discerning overview of what to demeanour for:

  • The 4D “kick it up” Escape plea will let we use your intelligent phone to flog practical soccer balls into a Ford Escape and try to transparent all of a new features. It’s a fun approach to exam your practical jaunty skills, learn all of a Escape’s best new features, and maybe even feed your rival strain by severe other visitors to practical soccer duels. (Just don’t twist your kicking fingers!)
  • The 4D “roughing it done easy” app will let we use a Ford Explorer’s turf government complement dial to name a roughest turf conditions possible, get a Explorer good and dirty, and see how quick we can rinse it off – all probably of course.
  • The positively insane “Oculus Rift” practical competition automobile pushing knowledge will let we lay in a Recaro racing chair with Oculus Rift practical existence goggles, and tag in for one of a many mind-blowing practical competition march use of your life.
  • For those of we who cite a some-more resting pace, demeanour for a “Focus ST Virtual Reality Ride,” that will let we knowledge a uncover building as if we were roving shotgun in a prohibited new Focus ST… yet though a risk of using anyone over.
  • If we devise on bringing a small ones along to a uncover (and we unequivocally should), a family-friendly EcoBoost ‘Fan Cam’ and selfie-friendly Electrification Station during a “Power of Choice” tables will constraint their interactions with some of today’s coolest immature appetite technologies. It’s a good approach to see how Ford’s immature technologies indeed work while creation memories together. And given not all has to be about technology, also demeanour for a adjacent caricature stations set adult for your immature striking artists in training.
  • Last yet not least, be certain to also revisit SiriusXM’s arrangement to bask in a moist glow of a one and usually 2014 Mustang convertible, and register for this year’s unequivocally fun DanceDuel challenge. The approach it works is we collect a SiriusXM song hire and afterwards contest in a dance-off with a pre-recorded dancer on a large prosaic screen. Make certain that we use your dance moves forward of time yet since SiriusXM will afterwards send we a split-screen Facebook-friendly .gif of your dancing adventures. If your moves are worthy, we will be means to share them with all your online friends with only one click. If not, well… you’ll always have a memories.

It’s flattering transparent that this year’s Canadian International AutoShow is gearing adult to be something flattering special, so make certain to set aside a day or dual to go check it out; and of course, devise to spend some of that time finding all of a new extraordinary design, safety, peculiarity and creation that Ford has been operative on this past year. If we wish to get a good demeanour during a destiny of a automobile industry, now we know where to go to get a front quarrel seat.