“My mom has a Ford Focus, my grandmother had a Fiesta, and my dad’s had Ford trucks given before we was born.” Steven Green recalls this with a meaningful grin, as if to contend that when we come from a Ford family, we stay that way.

Employed by a geotechnical engineering association in Ontario, Steven’s been a unapproachable Ford F-150 STX owners himself given 2011. He knows it’s a versatile, imperishable appurtenance that he likes equipping with tons of useful facilities and discretionary accessories. He trusts his Ford completely.

Since articulate with hundreds of F-150 owners only like Steven, we always hear a same thing: it’s not only about being practical; there’s something about owning a Ford that runs deeper than that.

With equal collection nostalgia and excitement, he describes a memories of flourishing adult around Ford trucks—of pushing around with mom and father behind when they owned an ’89 F-150 XLT.

“My father always had F-150s,” Steven recalls. “You remember as a kid—riding in a lorry is one of a coolest practice we can have.” Even behind then, he knew he wanted an F-150 too.

But when Steven shows us his truck, we can tell it’s unequivocally not his dad’s F-150.

“The Ford Sync underline always gets comments,” he says, explaining how it allows him to safely pronounce on his phone while driving. “I only press this symbol right here, and we can speak right by a orator system.” Sync isn’t only convenient; it’s also safe.

Like many F-150 owners, Steven loves a truck’s versatility. We’re articulate all of his work collection in a bed, hauling around ATVs on a weekend, and all in between. “My favourite thing is a 6 and a half feet box,” he explains with that same grin, indicating out how it’s ideal for relocating around beds and couches. Soon he’ll be assisting a colleague pierce with his F-150. As many lorry drivers know, it’s substantially not a first—or a last—time for Steven.

The F-150 unequivocally does it all, and it’s that passion for flexibility and leisure that always sets lorry owners detached from a crowd. Are we a Ford lorry owner? Share your story on a Facebook page or a in a comments below.