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  • MyKey, another creation from a association that introduced SYNC, allows relatives to extent speed and audio volume to inspire teenagers to expostulate safer and urge fuel efficiency
  • Harris Interactive Survey shows that many relatives would concede teenagers to expostulate some-more mostly if their car was versed with MyKey assisting immature drivers build highway reserve experience
  • MyKey debuted as a customary underline on a 2010 Ford Focus and is now a no-cost underline on scarcely all Ford and Lincoln models

WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan. 26, 2011 Ford Motor Companys innovative MyKey record is designed to assistance relatives inspire their teenagers to expostulate safer and some-more fuel efficiently, and boost safety-belt use.

Fords MyKey underline that debuted as customary apparatus on a 2010 Ford Focus and is now customary on scarcely all Ford and Lincoln models allows owners to module a pivotal that can extent a vehicles tip speed and audio volume. MyKey also encourages safety-belt use, provides progressing low-fuel warnings and can be automatic to sound chimes during 45, 55 and 65 mph.

Ford not usually offers industry-leading pile-up insurance and pile-up deterrence systems, we also are committed to building new technologies such as MyKey that inspire safer pushing behavior, pronounced Sue Cischke, Ford organisation clamp boss of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering. MyKey can assistance foster safer driving, quite among teens, by enlivening reserve belt use, tying speed and shortening distractions.

MyKey is appealing to relatives of teen drivers, including 75 percent who like a speed-limiting feature, 72 percent who like a some-more unrelenting safety-belt reminder, and 63 percent who like a audio tying feature, according to a Harris Interactive Survey conducted for Ford.

About 50 percent of those who would cruise purchasing MyKey also pronounced they would concede their children to use a family car some-more mostly if it were versed with a new technology. The combined chair time can assistance teenagers build their pushing skills in a some-more tranquil setting, complementing graduated chartering laws that give immature drivers some-more pushing leisure as they get older.

More than half of a relatives surveyed worry that their teenagers are pushing during vulnerable speeds, articulate on hand-held dungeon phones or texting while driving, or are differently pushing distracted. More than a third of relatives also are endangered that their teenagers do not always bend their reserve belts when driving.
According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), teenagers are some-more expected to take risks such as speeding a contributing cause in 30 percent of all deadly crashes. Teens also are reduction expected to wear reserve belts than comparison drivers.

Teens surveyed by Harris pronounced they are mostly open to MyKey if it means they will have some-more leisure to drive. Initially, 67 percent of teenagers polled pronounced they wouldnt wish MyKey features. However, if regulating MyKey would lead to larger pushing privileges, usually 36 percent would intent to a technology.
Weve upgraded an existing, proven record a SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft System with some elementary module upgrades to rise a new singular underline that we trust will ring with customers, pronounced Graydon Reitz, director, Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering, a same group that grown SYNC in partnership with Microsoft. We also grown MyKeys functions in such a approach to fast widespread it opposite mixed car lines, giving us a ability to go mass marketplace in a suggestion of other Ford innovations such as reserve belts, fortitude control and SYNC.

Holding a key
The MyKey complement allows a primogenitor to module any pivotal by a car summary center, that updates a SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft System. When a MyKey is extrinsic into a ignition, a complement reads a transponder chip in a pivotal and immediately identifies a MyKey code, that enables certain default pushing modes, including:

  • Persistent Ford Belt-Minder with audio mute. Fords Belt-Minder complement typically provides a six-second sign carillon each notation for 5 minutes. With MyKey, a Belt-Minder carillon continues during a unchanging interlude and a audio complement is pale until a reserve belt is buckled. A summary core display, Buckle Up to Unmute Radio, also appears on a instrument cluster
  • Earlier low-fuel warning. Rather than a warning during 50 miles to empty, MyKey provides a warning during 75 miles to empty
  • If MyKey is in a ignition, facilities such as park assist and BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with cross-traffic warning can't be deactivated

Additional MyKey facilities that can be automatic by a vehicles summary core setup menu:

  • Limited tip speed of 80 mph
  • Traction control system, that boundary tire spin, can't be deactivated
  • Limited audio volume to 44 percent of sum volume
  • A speed warning carillon during 45, 55 or 65 mph

Using MyKey to learn teenagers to equivocate speeding can yield an combined advantage softened fuel economy. Ford investigate shows that pushing 55 mph instead of 65 mph consumes 15 percent reduction fuel, and mastering other eco-driving habits such as avoiding jackrabbit starts and extreme waiting can assistance urge fuel economy by some-more than 50 percent.

Safety is a key
MyKey is only one approach that Ford is assisting teenagers expostulate some-more safely. Ford Motor Company Funds Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) module helps immature motorists master four vicious pushing skills hazard recognition, car handling, space government and speed government that assistance residence a infancy of dangerous pushing conditions. More than 3,000 teenagers have participated in DSFL ride-and-drive events. And some-more than 500,000 people have used a training march given 2003 on

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About a Harris Interactive Survey
The consult of 347 relatives of teen-age children was conducted online within a U.S. by Harris Interactive from Aug. 1-5. The consult of 249 teen-age drivers was conducted online within a U.S. on interest of Ford from Sept. 17-22. No estimates of fanciful sampling blunder can be calculated; a full methodology is available.

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