Four Reasons Parents Should Key in to Ford’s MyKey

Posted on 03. Jul, 2016 by in Ford Canada

No one ever suggested lifting kids would be easy. Whoever pronounced “little kids, small problems” was onto something. Once they strike their teenage years…, that’s a whole opposite set of concerns: curfews, counterpart pressure, descending in with a wrong crowd, song preferences that would make a soldier glow – a list goes on.

And try as we competence to safeguard a kids make smart, obliged life choices, there’s usually so most we can do. Sometimes we only have to trust that they’ll do a right thing. Talk about a whole lotta worry!

But interjection to Ford’s innovative technology, during slightest now there’s a approach to benefit a window into your teens’ pushing habits, with copiousness of information and adequate control to make it seem like you’re roving alongside them.

MyKey – an accessible apparatus on many Ford vehicles that helps we know your kid’s pushing habits, even when you’re not right there in a newcomer seat.

Basically, if you’re looking for peace of mind when your teen motorist is behind a wheel, Ford’s MyKey offers it in spades. Program your teen’s key, conduct a settings regulating your designated “administrator” key, and afterwards send your immature motorist on their approach in peace.

Here’s how, and why, it works:

  1. It’s all about negligence their roll 

If your child is building a lead foot, your MyKey allows we to put a speed top on their driving. With opposite thresholds (105, 113, 121 or 135 km/hr) we concede your teen a shake room to equivocate a potentially dangerous conditions while gripping tabs on their speed.

There’s also an accessible carillon warning that can be set to go off as they strike certain speeds next your pre-set maximums as well. Receive a speed minder warning as they transcend 75, 90, or 105 km/h. Talk about a approach to accelerate protected driving!


  1. They’ll always bend underneath MyKey’s pressure

Seatbelts are severely synonymous with your despotic standards of safety. All drivers should wear them during all times. That’s because MyKey mutes a audio complement and let’s Ford’s Belt Minder complement carillon until chair belts are buckled.

  1. Claim a volume feat by tying a music’s maximum

Just in box your immature motorist likes to holder a volume before their favourite DJ drops some big, bumpin’ bass, we can safeguard those complicated beats stay during a radically reasonable level. Keep a distractions to a smallest by ensuring a sound complement stays underneath 45% of a limit volume.


  1. Fuel me once, fuel me twice…

Younger drivers might need a assisting palm when it comes to gripping an eye on a volume of gas left in a tank. Thankfully MyKey gives an early warning so there’s still copiousness of time to fill ‘er adult before it’s too late. Get a low fuel warning with 120 km remaining in a tank, rather than a customary 80 km.

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