From classical to current: Jay Leno drives a oldest and a newest Beetle

Posted on 12. Jul, 2011 by in Volkswagen Canada

Few people adore cars as most as Jay Leno; his collection of antique and classical automobiles rivals any in a world. It was no surprise, then, that he jumped during Volkswagens new offer to fly to Wolfsburg, Germany to exam expostulate a newly redesigned 2012 Beetle as good as a strange 1938 Beetle. He wrote about his knowledge for Motor Trend.

Jay says some unequivocally good things about us in a article, like A lot of automobile companies explain automotive heritage. Volkswagen is one that lives it. (Aw, thanks, Jay!) He also gushes over a beautiful 1938 Beetle, praising a Teutonic minimalism. Once inside, he praises a surprisingly stylish interior: Art Deco dials. Cloth seats and headlining that would fit into a complicated home now. And a tactile, thin-rimmed steering circle that transmits each clarity of a doing approach to your brain.

The genuine fun, however, happens when Jay stairs into a 2012 Beetle and confesses that a it is fun to put your feet down and feel that turbo flog in. Hes not vocalization theoretically here; Leadfoot Leno unequivocally did building it on a Autobahn. we can gloat to my friends we did 130 in a Beetle. He acknowledges that hed usually do that in Germany, where a legal, and not in a States: [Otherwise], Id be essay this from a jail cell.

All in all, Jay was agreeably astounded by a new Beetle, describing it as dual cars in one and claiming, we consider we could dope your mother into meditative this was a essential automobile and afterwards go and suffer a hooligan things in secret.

But we dont wish to give divided too muchcheck out a full essay on here.

Tell us: what do we like best about a 1938 and 2012 Beetles?


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Photo from Motor Trend

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