From Inspiration to Innovation

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, Huadu, China

From Inspiration to Innovation

Over a past month, many Chinese have assimilated Dongfeng Nissan’s “Innovation Tour,” on a highway in Huadu City.

The debate in southern China highlights a company’s fast expansion to apropos one of a nation’s largest automobile group.

With sales attack over 800,000 units in 2011, Dongfeng Nissan eyes one million vehicles this year.

“At this juncture, we also wish to take batch of a success over a past 8 years. What were a factors that contributed to a success and we wish to share a knowledge from a successes with a customers, with a attention peers and also with a media,” says Ye Lei, emissary comparison ubiquitous manager of Dongfeng Nissan’s sales and selling division.

“With this in mind, we wish that we can combine these 8 years of knowledge into an ‘Innovation Tour’ within such a showroom.”

The debate also includes a revisit to a Venucia dealership — a new code for a Chinese marketplace rising this year, as good as a company’s headquarters.

A stripped-down Nissan Teana by Dutch artist Paul Veroude is among show-stoppers.

But a prominence of a debate is an locus showcasing a best in modernized record from a corner try partner, says Nissan Corporate Vice President Simon Sproule.

“I consider when we travel around here, what we get is a really clever summary of creation and technology. The Chinese automobile marketplace is flourishing so fast and so many new people are entrance into a marketplace for a initial time, this is an event for them to know a product and also for them to know a association behind a product,” he said.

“People are not usually shopping a facilities and a technology, though they are also shopping a trust and a picture of both a Nissan and a Venucia brand. we consider it’s really impressive,” pronounced Sproule.

Aiming to be one of China’s tip three, Dongfeng Nissan is betting on creation to take them closer towards that goal.

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