From car to SUV and Alltrack in between: VW unveils a new judgment car during a NY Auto Show

Posted on 02. Apr, 2012 by in Volkswagen Canada

What do we get when we take a flexibility of a automobile and a eco-friendliness of TDI® Clean Diesel Technology and mix it with a go-anywhere abilities of an SUV? Well, if you’re Volkswagen (full disclosure: we are Volkswagen), we get a Alltrack, a latest judgment vehicle. The Alltrack done a North American entrance during a New York International Auto Show, where VW fans got a probable glance into a future.

With a six-speed DSG dual-clutch involuntary delivery and a 2.0-liter TDI engine that provides 140 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque, a Alltrack is prepared for adventure, on city streets or off a beaten (or paved) path. It also has a aloft belligerent clearance, that is good for rides on rougher terrain, where plain underbody guards assistance strengthen a engine, gearbox, oil pan, empty complement and some-more from damage.

The Alltrack’s all-wheel-drive complement incorporates an innovative offroad module with Hill Descent Control and mutated stifle and delivery settings. It also facilities a modified anti-lock braking complement (ABS) that helps it stop some-more effectively on lax surfaces like gravel. At a same time, a electronic differential thatch conflict some-more fast to assistance forestall wheelspin during particular wheels.

For now, there are no skeleton to move a Alltrack to market, though as with all Volkswagen judgment vehicles, if people conflict strongly enough, that could change. If we could see yourself in a automobile with offroad abilities and some critical power, be certain to check out a Alltrack for yourself during a New York International Auto Show.

Tell us: would we be meddlesome in a automobile like a Alltrack?


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