García: “My career doesn’t finish during a Masters.”

Posted on 22. Jun, 2017 by in BMW Canada

Munich. Major champion Sergio Garcia explains because his focus
has now switched to winning a BMW International Open.

What are your thoughts on being behind in Germany and on playing
this course?

Sergio García: “It’s good to be back. I’m a large fan of Germany
and a BMW International Open. The golf march looks good, too. Some
new tees have been combined and it feels like a march is personification a
small bit longer than it used to. The continue has been good as well
and if a march keeps drying out it could be a good test.”

How has your form been given we won a Masters?

García: “I felt like we played fine final week during a US Open. It
was sincerely solid, though not a lot of things happened. I’m fairly
jet-lagged now and need to get my appetite levels adult a small bit and
make certain that I’m out there personification hard.”

How does it feel personification golf when you’re jet-lagged?

García: “You usually feel a small bit flat. Your physique usually doesn’t
pierce during a same speed that you’re used to. Hopefully by tomorrow
morning, we will be entirely geared adult and prepared to go.”

Is it formidable to say your concentration after reaching the
apex of a diversion by winning a Masters?

García: “No. The idea during each contest is to play a best
we can to give yourself a possibility of winning. After winning the
Masters, that’s no different. Obviously that was an extraordinary high, but
my career doesn’t finish during a Masters and we still wish to grasp many
some-more things. There are still a lot of things that we need to keep
improving on.”

You mislaid this eventuality in a play-off to Pablo Larrazábal in 2011.
Do we feel it owes you?

García: “No, we don’t consider anybody, or anything, owes anyone
anything. Pablo played unequivocally good that year and, unfortunately for
me, he kick me. I’m certain it’s a same approach that Justin Rose feels
about Augusta this year. I’ve always pronounced that if we give it your
best, there’s zero else we can do. The usually thing left to do is to
go out there and play a best we can this week and, hopefully, put
myself in that same position again and see if we can change a outcome.”

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