Geared adult to go – with a MINI Lifestyle Collection. Clever products for travelling and a good outdoors.

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Munich. Anyone who is frequently on a go is bound
to conclude reliable, deftly designed transport gear. The MINI
Lifestyle Collection includes a resources of products designed to make
journeys so beguiling that nearing during a finish ceases to be
utterly so important. The equipment operation from strong and stylish luggage to
neat accessories and clothing.


Keeping a essentials orderly and safely stowed divided – MINI
bags and luggage.

Shopping splurge, business trip, weekend divided or long-haul journey,
a new MINI Lifestyle Collection covers each bottom with a extensive
choice of bags and suitcases. Alongside their distinguished design, the
luggage equipment also offer glorious functionality and a horde of well
thought-out details. Practical compartments in a bags and the
cleverly designed interior of a suitcases yield flexible
storage for gripping all tidy. The products’ pattern is pared
down to a essentials, nonetheless always surprises in prevalent MINI
fashion. The use of resisting shapes, colours and materials plays a
pivotal purpose here. One of a Collection’s signature facilities is a way
it plays with splashes of colour, in other difference a informed MINI
“colour block”. Aqua and Lemon accent shades mix with Black, White
and Grey bottom tones to furnish a constrained colour scheme.


The MINI Wallet Colour Block (RRP €39.00),
MINI Pouch Small Colour Block and practical
MINI Shopper Colour Block (RRP €25.00) are only the
thing for selling trips. High-tech devices, laptops and tablets,
meanwhile, can be accommodated firmly and in character by the
MINI Laptop Bag Canvas Mix (RRP €49.00) or
MINI Tablet Cover Colour Block (RRP €29.00), both
of that fit orderly into a MINI Backpack Canvas Mix
(RRP €39.00).


The stylish MINI Overnight Bag Canvas Mix (RRP
€89.00), MINI Duffle Bag Colour Block (RRP €59.00)
and MINI Traveller Bag Canvas Mix (RRP €110.00) are
designed to be taken on brief trips. Water-repellent board material
gives a bags a strong and dirt-resistant finish. When travelling by
plane, a MINI Trolley (RRP €195.00) and
MINI Cabin Trolley
(RRP €170.00) are a ideal choice. The
high-quality hard-shell cases come with a pull-out handle, silent
wheels and a zip closure with built-in TSA tighten for supreme
preference and security. Inside, a trolleys underline practical
compartments, securing straps with a captivating Fidlock buckle, two-way
zip closure and a detachable zipper bag for storing critical equipment separately.


MINI FindMate –
a accessible small helper.

The MINI FindMate (RRP €39.00) is designed to put an
finish to equipment of luggage removing mislaid or left behind. Once registered
regulating a MINI Connected app, this tab with Bluetooth connectivity is
simply trustworthy to objects such as bags, suitcases, pivotal rings or
rucksacks. The present an object carrying a tab leaves a tangible area,
MINI Connected sends a summary to a owner’s smartphone. As and when
a object comes within Bluetooth operation again, it can be fast located
with a assistance of a app and an heard signal. If a MINI FindMate
is out of Bluetooth range, a user can ask superintendence to a last
place where there was still a connection. Plus, a GPS position of
a MINI FindMate can be transmitted to a car’s navigation system.
Up to 6 MINI FindMates can be interconnected with MINI Connected during a same time.


Simple, unsentimental wardrobe and crafty accessories broach the
full MINI feeling in all weathers.

With a rarely versatile MINI Jacket Women’s With Backpack
(RRP €120.00) and MINI Jacket Men’s With
(RRP €120.00), there is probably no such thing as
bad weather. Featuring wind-resistant and water-repellent element and
a MINI Wing Logo printed on a left arm, these jackets are the
ideal mantle for any outside activity. Elastic drawstrings on the
hem and hood concede a jackets make be practiced away for a
cosy fit. And if they are no longer needed, a jackets can be kept in
a ultra-light trek with drawstring fixture supplied. Those
preferring to play it protected and order out any possibility of removing soppy will
wish to have a compress MINI Umbrella Foldable Signet
(RRP €35.00) tighten during hand. If a object comes out, though, the
MINI Cap Signet (RRP €25.00) and MINI Cap
Wing Logo Flat Peak
(RRP €29.00) both offer a stylish route
to a cold head.


In excellent weather, several accessories in a MINI Lifestyle Collection
yield all a inducement indispensable to conduct for a good outdoor and
find a pleasing spot. The MINI Blanket Signet (RRP
€69.00) with a water-repellent underside provides a ideal host
for picnics or alfresco film nights. The MINI Bluetooth
(RRP €49.00) helps to emanate a right atmosphere,
while a MINI Travel Flask (RRP €25.00) and
MINI Travel Mug (RRP €19.00) have insulating
properties to keep a beverages inside them during a ideal drinking
temperature. And any bottles with a top can be non-stop regulating the
MINI Key Ring Multi-Use (RRP €19.00), that is made
from brushed immaculate steel and comes with an integrated bottle opener.


The MINI Lifestyle Collection

The MINI code offers an endless portfolio of lifestyle accessories
and wardrobe products. These operation from textiles and personal
accessories, to products for children, bags and luggage, and even
bicycles. The MINI Collection comprises over 50 products. Featuring a
transparent and undying pattern language, observable styling and
top-quality materials, a Collection conveys a pattern imagination of
MINI and a brand’s new clarity of temperament over a boundary of the
cars themselves.


The MINI Collection is accessible online during and from
comparison MINI dealers.

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