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December 9, 2015 – Hyundai Motor has denounced a new Genesis G90 vast oppulance sedan, a indication that will tip a new Genesis brand’s oppulance automobile line-up. The G90 (called EQ900 in Korea) will contest during a tip of a oppulance automobile marketplace with world-best technological innovations and a tip levels of refinement, preference and energetic performance.

Designed with surpassing elegance, healthy beauty and loftiness by a Prestige Design Division that will qualification a visible temperament of any Genesis model, a G90 is a initial fulfilment of a brand’s ‘Athletic Elegance’ pattern style. Outside, a G90’s conformation is comprehensive and refined, from a prolonged hood to a worldly rear. While inside, a excellent workman materials accommodate human-centered ergonomics to yield occupants with comprehensive preference and lush comfort.

Human-centered Technological Innovation
With technological creation during a core and in expectation of fully-autonomous cars, G90 facilities Genesis Smart Sense, that brings together modernized systems including Genesis’ modernized ‘Highway Driving Assistance’ (Korean marketplace only), Advanced Smart Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assistance System. Accentuating a customer-oriented proceed of Genesis, a complement roughly reduces motorist tired by mixing a array of innovative technologies. This mixed of newly-developed technologies emanate a first-class, all-but unconstrained pushing experience, elevating a G90 to a tip of a class.

First-class Comfort
The first-class thesis extends to newcomer comfort, with a G90 charity a world’s initial clinically-validated Smart Posture Caring (SPC) System, that automatically adjusts a seat, steering-wheel, outward counterpart and head-up arrangement to a optimal position for a driver’s physique (Korean marketplace only). G90’s VIP ergo newcomer seats underline mixed ranges of electronically-controlled composition and are authorized by German debate for healthier backs, Aktion Gesunder Rücken.

Best-in-class Luxury Refinement
Benefitting from an finish four-year growth module by an 800-strong team, a G90 has best-in-class excellence interjection to endless work on a car’s NVH characteristics. Every fact of a interior has been crafted to continue a car’s tellurian focus.

Advanced ergonomics investigate dictates a positioning of motorist controls and a newcomer comfort and party features, while materials are sourced from a excellent artisans around a world. Ride comfort and highway holding is optimized by mixing an modernized H-TRAC all-wheel-drive complement with a initial concentration of Genesis Adaptive Control Suspension.

Sporty Agility with Refined Performance
Driving a car, owners will notice standards of polished performance. This is executive to a Genesis brand’s character, with growth teams carrying out severe opening contrast of a G90 during a Nürburgring circuit in Germany and a Mojave exam core in a U.S. Despite a car’s sporty and manageable characteristics, a interior sourroundings stays polished with all of a 3 accessible gasoline powertrains: V6 3.3-liter T-GDI, V6 3.8-liter GDI or V8 5.0-liter GDI.

The newly introduced G90 in Korea will be rolling out to other markets, including United States, China, Russia and countries in a Middle East. A serve 5 Genesis models will be launched over a subsequent 5 years.

Genesis G90 – Human-centered Luxury Defined

01 Styling 
Athletic Elegance in pattern that exudes certainty and originality

02 Driving Performance
Refined opening with sporty agility

03 Safety
Human-centered creation and world’s best reserve technologies

04 Convenience Features
The ultimate hassle-free tenure experience

05 Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
Extensive growth realizes best-in-class refinement

06 Powertrains
Refined, comprehensive and manageable powertrains

07 Technical Specifications
Technical sum of new Genesis G90

Note – Product specifications and options accessible might change by region

01 Styling
Formed by Hyundai Motor’s new Prestige Design Division, a particular coming of a G90 exudes certainty and originality. Under a slip of Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer, G90 expresses a initial interpretation of a brand’s hallmark pattern impression ‘Athletic Elegance,’ that harmonizes beauty and magnificence of transformation with impetus and an blast of energy.

Exterior Design
The extraneous pattern of a automobile brings a honour and abyss of beauty to a sector, a healthy beauty of “Soignee Charisma” clear when parked or in motion. In crafting a coming of G90, a Prestige Design Division destined to constraint a car’s strength and originality, while presenting a new attract by a innovative styling and proportions.

At a front, a G90’s temperament is centered around a Genesis-family styling feature, a ‘CREST’ grille, and crowned with a new winged-feathers of a Genesis emblem. Powerfully-proportioned, a G90 combines a prolonged hood with brief overhangs, a pattern underline that accentuates a model’s strength. The pointy LED headlamps upsurge around a front corners of a car’s carp – a pivotal underline of a new family of Genesis-brand cars.

Inspired by purify difficult lines and free elegance, a vast sedan’s confidant lines upsurge along a chrome belt line to a rear. Here, twin exhausts change a polished straight mixed lamps to finish a car’s jaunty elegance.

Occupying one of a many estimable footprints in a class, a G90 is accessible in 8 worldly colors that pick-out a car’s evil lines. Ranging from Marble White and Onyx Black to Gold Scent and Neptune Blue, a tone palette ideally matches a spectrum of interior tone and component combinations.

Interior Design
Human-centered ergonomics, sum interior harmony, comprehensive preference and lush comfort foreordain a interior blueprint and pattern “Graceful Luxury” of a G90. From a seemly blueprint of motorist controls and authentic component to a chair stitching and superb tone palette, any component of a car’s interior reinforces a concentration on a car’s occupants.

Great care has been given to any of a materials selected for a G90’s interior. The highest-quality, authentic materials accoutre a cockpit with palliate of use and beauty of coming executive to any feature’s form and function. In partnership with distinguished Italian leather retailer Concerio Pasubio SPA, Hyundai Motor specially-developed semi-aniline leather for a seats of G90 Limousine. Throughout a cabin, a latest technologies lay among Nappa leather and silken genuine wood, delighting a senses and cosseting a newcomer in a first-class environment.

02 Driving Performance
A evil of all Genesis models will be a melding of sporty lively and polished performance. Sitting during a apex of a Genesis range, a G90 captures this suggestion ideally interjection to an endless research, growth and contrast regime.

The G90’s engineers worked closely with Hyundai’s European Test Centre formed during Germany’s perfectionist Nürburgring circuit, and also put a automobile by a paces during Hyundai’s exam core during Mojave in a Unites States. Through an finish module of contrast and development, a engineering group polished G90’s ride, handling, steering input, cessation transformation and interior sourroundings to broach an exquisite and refreshing pushing knowledge with dynamics that are luxurious, sporty and refined.

To safeguard occupants suffer a smoothest float while maintaining enchanting doing characteristics, a G90 is propitious with multi-link cessation interconnected with High Performance Dampers or a Genesis Adaptive Control Suspension system.

03 Safety
‘Safety but compromise’ summarizes a human-centered truth that has destined a growth of a G90. The introduction of several world-best reserve technologies, alongside a rarely firm physique support (the strongest in a class), means a G90 boasts reserve as one of a stand-out features.

Adding to a car’s no-expense-spared reserve set-up, a preference of other technologies work to minimize risk and maximize insurance for a driver, newcomer and other highway users. From Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with Pedestrian Detection, Active Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Driver Attention Alert, to Smart High Beam Assist and an Around View Monitor, a human-centered inlet of Genesis is clear throughout.

04 Convenience Features
Simplicity and intuitiveness were pivotal to a growth of a G90’s preference features, delivering a ultimate hassle-free knowledge for owners. Also, in building a car’s selection and equipment, good suspicion was put in to providing all a patron would need but anything nonessential or over complicated.

Looking to a future, Genesis G90 relates an modernized ‘Highway Driving Assistance’ complement (Korean marketplace only), a step towards fully-autonomous motoring. The complement roughly reduces motorist tired and works by mixing a array of systems – Advanced Smart Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assistance System and a mixed of newly grown technologies.

Seating comfort is an superb evil of a G90, with engineers formulating a world’s initial Smart Posture Caring (SPC) System to safeguard sum oppulance for a motorist and passengers. The innovative ergo seating complement automatically determines a optimal position for a driver’s body, ensuring minimal stresses even on longer journeys.

The G90’s electronically-controlled driver’s chair underline 22 ranges of composition and have been authorized by German debate for healthier backs, Aktion Gesunder Rücken. The VIP newcomer seats are electronically tractable in 14 opposite ways, ensuring a tip levels of comfort.

Many of a car’s facilities rest on communication with a car’s audio visible complement displayed around a lush 12.3-inch High Definition far-reaching shade sited in a core console. The shade plays a pivotal purpose in enhancing a palliate of parking and in-city maneuvers for drivers. A one mega pixel digital camera is activated when parking, pity a shade with a high-resolution 360-degree Around View Monitor.

Quality was also elemental to a appointment of G90’s audio system. Presenting a unison hall-like experience, a Lexicon Sound System boasts Quantum Logic approximate sound, while a car’s Clari-fi program rebuilds sum mislaid in dense audio files, adjusting a diagnosis formed on a peculiarity of a audio vigilance to revive a hi-fidelity listening experience.

Elsewhere in a well-appointed cabin, atmosphere conditioning is divided into 3 separately-controlled zones, and occupants can assign their dungeon phones regulating a latest in wireless charging technology.

05 Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
Engineers set NVH as a pivotal differentiator for G90, dedicating hundreds of hours to excellent tuning any aspect of sound rebate and comfort enhancement. This recurrent courtesy to fact has resulted in a Genesis G90 braggadocio best-in-class ratings for in-cabin quietness, a vital feat in this rarely rival area of a oppulance automobile market.

From introducing special sound-absorbing materials around a cabin and sub-structure of a automobile to a concentration of laminated potion on any window, a concentration on providing business with a ultimate oppulance knowledge was a key. The integrity to minimize era of additional tire sound even extended to a special vale pattern of a G90’s 19-inch amalgamate wheels with engineers altering a structure to channel a upsurge of atmosphere in a quieter way.

Sound engineering also extends to a sedan’s cessation set-up, that is optimized during exam centers around a universe for high speed cruising while minimizing in-cabin impact and physique vibration.

06 Powertrains
Tuned for maximizing pushing pleasure, a severe contrast regime clever on removing a manageable expostulate from a car’s powertrains, while remaining polished for drivers and passengers.

Fitted with a choice of 3 gasoline engines: V6 3.3-liter T-GDI (370PS); V6 3.8-liter GDI (315PS); or V8 5.0-liter GDI (425PS), a G90 boasts considerable opening characteristics notwithstanding a inexhaustible size.

The 425PS V8 section can propel a sedan from 0-100kph in as small as 5.7 seconds, fueled by comprehensive torque of 53.0kgf.m. Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor’s initial twin-turbocharged engine, a 3.3l V6, boasts clever opening around a rev-range, able of 80-120kph overtaking maneuverers in 13.0 seconds interjection to a 52.0kgf.m of torque.

07 Technical Specifications


Rear-wheel expostulate – standard

All-wheel expostulate – optional

Eight-speed electronically-controlled involuntary delivery with lock-up torque converter

Suspension and damping:


Wheels and tires:

Exterior measure (mm):

Interior measure (mm):

Capacities (liters):

* Figures settled are manufacturer’s estimates for a Korean market, selection in other markets might vary.

About Hyundai Motor
Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company is committed to apropos a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond. The association leads a Hyundai Motor Group, an innovative business structure able of present resources from fiery iron to finished cars. Hyundai Motor has 8 production bases and 7 pattern technical centres worldwide and in 2014 sole 4.96 million vehicles globally. With roughly 100,000 employees worldwide, Hyundai Motor continues to raise a product choice with localised models and strives to strengthen a care in purify technology, starting with a world’s initial mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle, ix35 Fuel Cell.

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