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Popular Mechanics respected a all-new Hyundai Genesis Coupe with a 2010 Automotive Excellence Award in a Fun to Drive category. Genesis Coupe outperforms a foe with a energetic rear-wheel-drive doing directed during loyal sports enthusiasts. This is a second time Hyundai has warranted a Popular Mechanics Automotive Excellence Award; a 2006 Sonata perceived a respect for a value in safety.

Hyundai has remade a picture and a cars in an amazingly brief time, pronounced Ben Stewart, Popular Mechanics automotive editor. The Genesis Coupe is some-more than only a sleek, fun-to-drive sports coupe. Its explanation that Hyundai has grown world-class design, engineering and car-building expertise.

The annual Automotive Excellence Awards commend a tip 10 cars, trucks and technologies that are many poignant any year. In 2009, Popular Mechanics editors saw a trend in a lapse and modernise of American icons in further to a fuel potency concentration with a brew of new variety and compress cars.

Genesis Coupe is Hyundais many energetic opening automobile ever and uses a same stretchable rear-wheel expostulate pattern as a 2009 North American Car of a Year Genesis sedan to interest to loyal pushing enthusiasts. The Genesis Coupe offers a 2.0-liter intercooled four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 210 horsepower, and a 3.8-liter V6 Track indication with 306 horsepower and large Brembo brakes. In fact, when tested corresponding opposite an Infiniti G37, a Hyundai Genesis Coupe scarcely matched a Infiniti in any opening measure, and did so for $15,000 less, according to Stewart.

Its an respect for Hyundai to once again accept this prestigious award, and we are even some-more anxious that a Genesis Coupe took a climax in a fun-to-drive category, pronounced Derek Joyce, Genesis Coupe product manager, Hyundai Motor America. With an aggressive, wedge-like design, rear-wheel-drive pattern and 5-link eccentric back suspension, a Genesis Coupe was truly built with a pushing fan in mind.

Each year, to establish a winners of a Popular Mechanics Automotive Excellence Awards, editors expostulate some-more than 100 of a newest cars, trucks and sport-utility vehicles, aggregation good over 100,000 miles in a process. Through their practice on extended exam drives around a world, instrumented comparison tests and longer-term evaluations, a automobile group nominates a list of vehicles in any category. Those selections are put to a opinion and a tip recipients in any difficulty win an Automotive Excellence Award. The automobile group is led by Automotive Editor Ben Stewart, operative with Senior Automotive Editor Mike Allen, Detroit Editor Larry Webster and Editor-in-Chief James Meigs.

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