German Grand Prix 2011: Friday Practice

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, Circuit of Nürburgring, Germany

German Grand Prix 2011: Friday Practice

1st Practice P2, 2nd Practice P1

“So distant so good; a automobile feels flattering good here. Fernando and Seb are unequivocally discerning as good and we never know when McLaren competence spin adult tomorrow too. we haven’t been examination them too many today, we’ve been concentrating on ourselves and perplexing to urge a automobile with any run, that’s a many critical thing we can do. It’s good if it stays dry, as it’s a bit easier to manage, though whatever tomorrow throws during us, we should be prepared for it. I’m feeling gentle so far.”

First Practice Session:
Position: 2, Best Time: 1:32.217, Laps: 24, Chassis No. 4

Second Practice Session:
Position: 1, Best Time 1:31.711, Laps: 34, Chassis No. 4

1st Practice P3, 2nd Practice P3

“It was cold out there today! It was good fun, a circuit was utterly sleazy with a low temperatures, though we did a lot of laps and a automobile seems okay, nonetheless I’m not 100% happy yet. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, though during this theatre we’ve got a bit of work to do. Ferrari looks really competitive, McLaren is a bit harder to judge, though we will see. We don’t know a conditions for tomorrow, sleet is forecast, though it depends when and if it will come.”

First Practice Session:
Position: 3, Best Time: 1:32.268, Laps: 27, Chassis No. 3

Second Practice Session:
Position: 3, Best Time: 1:32.084, Laps: 28, Chassis No. 3

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