Earn a VIP mark with giveaway moody and hotel accommodations in Montreal. Join one of a best parties this summer!

Bumper Bowling in Toronto

Bumper Bowling in Toronto

How do we get in on this overwhelming party?

  • Come and attend during one of a cocktail adult events (Vancouver Jul 11 @ Robson Square Montreal Jul 18 @ Place Ville Marie).
  • Create your possess Try More experience.
  • Download and use a bonus document with a Try More Partners.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Submit a print or video during trymore.ca. For each try some-more activity entered you’re one step closer to a ultimate Ford Try-Athlon knowledge in Montreal Aug 23.

What’s going on during a Try-Athlon? Get prepared for: Hot laps, autocross course, retreat 180, trance back-up, fender bowling, unsafe parking, start stop braking challenge, and learn how to expostulate a primer Ford. Those propitious adequate will get to let it slice and fun float pushing a Ford Mustang GT, Ford Fiesta ST, and Ford Focus ST.

On Saturday Jul 4th, in Toronto, we had a cocktail adult eventuality adult during King Portland for people to step adult and Try More.

Curious for adventure, people enjoyed a representation of singular experiences. Segway of Ontario supposing a fun and severe barrier course. Bad Axe Throwing had dual mattock throwing lanes accessible for those who squeeze life by a hoop and let it ride. Both Segway of Ontario and Bad Axe Throwing are usually dual of a many Try More partners who offer discounts.

While adjusting sound levels and cueing adult a subsequent tune, internal Toronto DJ M-Kutz introduced people to a art of dj-ing. Others assimilated in on a fun with a eruption paint wall and fender bowling. With all this fun, a celebration doesn’t stop here!

Try More DJ'ing in Toronto

Try More DJ’ing in Toronto

Vancouver, a subsequent cocktail adult eventuality and possibility for we to try some-more is Jul 11th at Robson Square (800 Robson St.) from 11am to 5pm. Shine in a spotlight and lip-SYNC your heart out to your favourite song. Put on your spurs and get in a saddle to float a automatic bull; how prolonged do we consider we can stay on? Believe your eyes with a enchanting illusions from Brush Wand Studio and learn slight of palm tricks. From sorcery tricks to a circus, learn how to juggle with Vancouver Circus School. Challenge yourself to a Segway barrier course.  Chill with a low grooves of Vancouver’s DJRelik. Download a Try More partner bonus document for your city and take advantage of a fun!

The final cocktail adult eventuality takes place in Montreal, during Place Ville Marie, (1 Place Ville Marie)on Jul 18th between 11am to 5pm. La goddess range residents can come out and try their palm during MMA Training with Angry Monkey MMA. See what churned martial humanities is all about from a powerful strength to demonstrations of moves used in a ring. Saddle adult and knowledge a fun of roving a unicycle. Will we be means to balance? Test yourself and find out! Take it down a nick and de-stress with a pondering yoga category and suffer a patience of breathing. Spinning live, DJ Pace will perform and delight. Angry Monkey MMA is usually one of a many Try More partners charity discounts. Be certain to click on your city for download a voucher.

From Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, those who contention their videos/pictures can acquire their approach to a final Try-Athlon Track Day eventuality in Montreal. Any approach we wish to enter, be it by your possess try some-more method, one of a partners, or a pop-up events, there’s usually one approach to get to a celebration – try more!