Whether it’s by committed online investigate or watchful patiently for a intent of your adore to go on sale, we’re always on a hunt for ways to save money. Now there’s a automobile that can assistance we do this! With a 2014 Ford Fiesta versed with a award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, you’ll get some-more energy from reduction gas, that means some-more income to spend on a other things we adore in life.

Fiesta’s complicated and aerodynamic pattern will assistance we slip down a highway in style, and a sporty nonetheless worldly interior creates we feel like kingship behind a wheel. Under a hood, EcoBoost record combines a smaller-displacement engine with turbocharging, approach injection, non-static valve timing, and exclusive Ford program to broach an implausible opening that you’ll be anxious to acquire into your life.

But a good news doesn’t stop there – a impressively well-appointed interior of a new 2014 Fiesta is designed to give we a personalized pushing knowledge that combines comfort, convenience, and fun. From exhilarated leather seats to singular colour choices, it’s a car that appreciates a significance of charity options to fit your needs and compare your style. The technically modernized centre console keeps we connected to your universe with smart, powerful, and user-friendly features, including an accessible rear-view camera, navigation system, and voice-activated record that allows we to entrance your phone and song library, and even have content messages review to we while we drive!

Smart and good looking, contemporary and comfortable, EcoBoost-powered Fiesta takes we everywhere we wish to go and helps we save income for those other things we want. So keep acid for that outing we wish to take or that ideal span of boots – a 2014 EcoBoost-powered Fiesta understands what you’re looking for. There are already 2 million cars with EcoBoost record on a highway today, so join a celebration and knowledge what it’s all about.