GLI stands for “Gotta Love It”: 10 things to adore about a 2012 Jetta GLI

Posted on 05. Jan, 2012 by in Volkswagen Canada

“Absolutely fantastic.” “Very quick.” “A lot of fun to drive.”  Judging from a responses to a all-new 2012 Jetta GLI, it looks like we’ve got a strike on a hands. But how is it opposite from a customary Jetta? Simple: we usually combined a letters “GLI.” Hold on—our designers and engineers are revelation us that it took some-more than a few letters to emanate a sportiest, many performance-focused Jetta yet. In fact, they have a list of a few of a things that make a 2012 Jetta GLI a good automobile that it is.

1. The GLI has a sporty appearance. With new facilities like a flat-bottomed steering wheel, honeycomb front grille, straight haze lights, smoked taillight lenses, and twin exhausts, a GLI is a sportiest-looking Jetta yet.

2. The GLI offers sporty performance. And we suspicion a GLI just looked fast. Go on—lift adult a hood and take a look during a award-winning 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, finish with 200 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque.

3. The GLI has a same XDS differential found in a GTI. The Volkswagen XDS™ (Cross Differential System) helps forestall inside circle spin during cornering so we get improved handling, faster acceleration, and some-more pushing fun.

4. Not usually is it sporty—it’s practical. Why keep all that pushing fun to yourself? Thanks to a ample interior, passengers can raise in a GLI and suffer a gentle (and thrilling) ride.

5. The GLI has an all-new interior. While they suffer a ride, your passengers will also suffer a stylish red stitching, brushed aluminum accents, and customary exhilarated front seats.

6. The GLI facilities eccentric back suspension. We’ve always been fans of eccentric thinking, even when it comes to a car’s suspension. This complement allows any circle to conflict exclusively to highway conditions, ensuring a well-spoken ride.

7. You can select between 17- and 18-inch amalgamate wheels. We know we adore options, and we can’t go wrong with possibly of these circle packages.

8. The GLI comes with a intelligent pile-up response complement (ICRS). Because your reserve is critical to us, a ICRS stairs in in a eventuality of an airbag deployment and turns off a fuel pump, turns on a jeopardy lights, and unlocks all a doors.

9. You can supplement a Fender Premium audio system. The sound complement is optional, though once we knowledge a 9 speakers, 400 watts of energy and intelligible sound, you’ll comprehend that it’s a must-have.

10. The GLI might means retreat plaque shock. With an MSRP of usually $23,495, we consider you’ll be agreeably astounded by usually how affordable oppulance opening can be.

Tell us: what’s your favorite thing about a 2012 GLI?

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