GM Announces Five Safety Recalls

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GM Announces Five Safety Recalls






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OSHAWA – General Motors pronounced Thursday it has sensitive Transport Canada and a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of 5 reserve recalls covering about 2.7 million vehicles in a United States (approximately 204,000 in Canada). The recalls cover:

  • 2,440,524 (194,314 in Canada) before era newcomer cars for taillamp malfunctions
  • 103,158 (5,115 in Canada) before era Chevrolet Corvettes for detriment of low-beam conduct lamps
  • 140,067 (3,550 in Canada) Chevrolet Malibus from a 2014 indication year for hydraulic stop upholder malfunctions
  • 19,225 (732 in Canada) Cadillac CTS 2013-2014 models for windshield wiper failures
  • 477 (33 in Canada) full-size trucks from a 2014 and 2015 indication years for a tie-rod forsake that can lead to a crash

“Customer reserve is during a heart of how GM designs and produces vehicles, and these announcements are examples of dual ways we are putting that into practice,” pronounced Jeff Boyer, clamp boss of GM Global Vehicle Safety.

“We have redoubled a efforts to support and solve stream reviews in routine and also have identified and analyzed new car issues that need action. These are examples of a concentration to aspect issues fast and soon take compulsory actions in a best seductiveness of a customers.”

The largest remember involves 2004-2012 Chevrolet Malibu, 2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx, 2005-2010 Pontiac G6 and 2007-2010 Saturn Auras indication cars in U.S. to cgange a stop flare wiring harness. 

Affected vehicles could have gnawing rise in a wiring strap for a physique control procession due to micro-vibration. The condition could outcome in stop lamps unwell to irradiate when a brakes are practical or stop lamps educational when a brakes are not engaged.  Additionally, journey control, traction control, electronic fortitude control and panic braking support operation could be disabled.

GM is wakeful of several hundred complaints, 13 crashes and dual injuries though no fatalities as a outcome of a condition. The association expelled a technical use circular in 2008 and conducted a reserve debate for a tiny race of 2005 indication year vehicles in Jan 2009.  

The second reserve remember covers Chevrolet Corvettes from a 2005-2007 indication years for intensity detriment of low-beam headlamp operation Models from 2008-2013 will be lonesome underneath a Customer Satisfaction Program. All repairs will be during no cost to customers.

When a engine is warm, a underhood electrical core housing could expand, causing a headlamp low-beam send control circuit handle to hook slightly. After a handle is regularly bent, it can detonate and separate. When this occurs, a low-beam headlamps will not illuminate. As a housing cools and contracts, a low-beam headlamp avocation competence return. This condition does not impact a high-beam headlamps, pen lamps, spin signals, daytime using lamps or haze lamps. Loss of low lamp headlamps when they are compulsory could revoke a driver’s visibility, augmenting a risk of a crash. 

GM is wakeful of several hundred complaints as outcome of a condition though no crashes, injuries or fatalities.

The third remember covers Chevrolet Malibus from a 2014 indication year with 2.5L engines and stop/start technology. These vehicles are theme to a disabling of hydraulic stop boost that can need larger pedal efforts and extended interlude distances. Dealers will reprogram a electronic stop control module. The emanate was detected in contrast of a destiny indication with identical technology. GM is wakeful of 4 crashes though it is not transparent that these are associated to a condition. No injuries are famous from those crashes.

The fourth remember covers Cadillac CTS from a 2013-2014 indication year for a condition in that a windshield wiper complement competence turn inoperable after a car burst start with wipers active and restricted, such as by ice and snow. Potential miss of prominence could boost a risk of a crash. Dealers will reinstate a front wiper procession giveaway of charge. GM is unknowingly of any crashes or injuries due to a condition.

The fifth remember involves certain 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra light avocation pickups and 2015 indication year Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs. The tie rod threaded connection to a steering rigging shelve in these vehicles competence not be tightened to specification. With this condition, a tie rod can apart from a steering shelve and a pile-up could start though before warning. Customers are being contacted and told to have their vehicles taken by flatbed to their dealer, where a middle tie rods will be legalised for scold torque, and, if necessary, a steering rigging will be replaced. The correct procession was being sent to dealers and owners letters sent by overnight mail to business on May 14. The emanate was detected and corrected during public after a tiny series of vehicles was released.

GM expects to take a assign of adult to approximately $200 million in a second quarter, essentially for a cost of recall-related repairs announced in a quarter.

About General Motors in Canada

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