Going Abroad: Catching adult with 2010 Jetta TDI Cup™ Champ JD Mobley

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One of a rising pulling talents from Volkswagens recently resolved Jetta TDI Cup array is JD Mobley, who racked adult dual foe wins, 4 podiums, and a 2010 Jetta TDI Cup over dual seasons of competition.

We spent some time on a phone with JD Mobley to speak about his internship during C.L. Gerhartl and see whats brazen for him in a 2011 deteriorate and beyond.

Q1: Your success in a 2010 Jetta TDI Cup championship led we to a last-minute guest expostulate in a 2010 Scirocco R-Cup deteriorate culmination during Hockenheim, in that we finished behind ex-DTM maestro Daniel la Rosa and ex-F1 motorist Johnny Herbert. This has led to some flattering sparkling developments for 2011, right?

I started articulate with Clark Campbell (General Manager, Experiential Marketing, Volkswagen of America), and he seemed happy with my initial outcome and that we was means to foe again. We started articulate after a foe in Nov to try and figure out all we could do to get prepared for a deteriorate in a Scirocco R-Cup. we told them Id like to do a deteriorate of a Scirocco R-Cup and an internship with a Volkswagen-related association because, besides racing, Im study automatic engineering. Ideally, we was anticipating to both foe and benefit engineering knowledge as well.

Fortunately, Clark found me an internship during a association called C.L. Gerhatl, an engineering association that reserve tools to Volkswagen Group.

Q2: How many of an composition have we had to make to your pulling character with a lighter, some-more absolute Scirocco R?

I did have to make utterly a few adjustments from a TDI automobile to a Scirocco R-Cup car. The biggest disproportion was that a Jetta was a TDI, that is a diesel, and a Scirocco R is Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The Scirocco R revs utterly high compared to a Jetta TDI car. Its many opposite when we get in a automobile and youve got to let it rev and usually go all a approach adult to 7,000 rpm.

Another thing that was unequivocally opposite is that a Scirocco R has a shorter wheelbase than a TDI Cup car, so when we spin in, we can indeed get some oversteer in a front-wheel car, that is indeed unequivocally cold and a lot of fun to drive.

They also have whats called push-to-pass. Its fundamentally a symbol on a steering circle that any time we hold it, it gives we 50 additional horsepower. It changes from foe to race, though for Hockenheim it lasted for 10 seconds and we have to wait 10 seconds for it to recharge. That was unequivocally formidable for me to get used to, though it will give we many quicker trail times, about .08 of a second for any pull per lap. You have to be vital in your push-to-pass use given we usually have 15 per foe and might need some during a finish for overtaking.

Q3: The 2011 Scirocco R-Cup deteriorate opener was during a mythological Hockenheim circuit. And we have no reduction than 5 DTM Cup array veterans in a field. Do we unequivocally provide this like any other foe or will a nerves be a bit some-more active than usual?

Its opposite being a full-time motorist in a array now. As a guest driver, youre not too endangered about winning points or anything given it doesnt matter given we cant unequivocally get anywhere. Theyll invalidate we during a finish so other drivers in a championship get points, so meaningful that, usually streamer into a initial foe maybe we dont pull as hard. we mean, yeah, we wish to go as quick as we can, though we dont wish to take a possibility of not removing any points.

I got seventh altogether with dual of a legends drivers in front of me, that were Uwe [Alzen] and [Nicola] Larini. But given theyre legends, they count as guest drivers, so we indeed got fifth place in terms of points toward a championship after a race.

Q4: What are your goals for your rookie Cup season? Tell us about a success benchmarks youve set for yourself.

My idea for a whole season, solely for substantially a final race, is to get as many points as we can. Everyone wants to win a race, though if we win a foe and afterwards dont finish given youre pulling so tough on a subsequent one, thats indeed worse than finishing 5th dual times. So we always try to keep that in mind. My idea is to hopefully finish in a tip 5 positions via a season, that is unequivocally formidable to do. But a unequivocally how to get your name adult there in a championship during a end.

Q5: Tell VW enthusiasts what a ideal growth trail is for we over a subsequent 5 years?

Id like to foe for a rest of my life, that is my dream. we adore racing and live for it, though unfortunately, a always formidable to find sponsors and figure out what youre going to foe subsequent deteriorate and where youre going to come adult with a funding. So Im anticipating to find some-more backers. Ive finished good in a Jetta TDI Cup, and we had one good finish and another decent finish in a Scirocco R-Cup. Im anticipating that maybe we can do a Scirocco R-Cup one some-more year and afterwards maybe pierce to a Porsche Cup and do that for a subsequent 3 to 4 years. It takes a lot of time to get experience, get used to a tracks, and adjust to European pulling [styles] given they expostulate many some-more assertive than a American drivers.

And afterwards for my ultimate pulling dream, it would be to foe in a LeMans series, generally a 24 Hours of LeMans.

Q6: What does success demeanour like off a lane for you? What are a non-racing goals youve set for your life?

Thats one thing that separates me from many of a other driversno matter how it ends up, Id adore to be partial of racing, and we consider Ive set myself adult flattering well. Soon Im going to have my grade in automatic engineering. Im operative toward it now and would indeed like to get my masters.

Q7: Final question! Whats your favorite new German food? Or are we carrying dishes vacuum-sealed and Fed Exd in from home? Or will a family be visiting to offer both support and a sip of home cooking now and then?

You know, given Ive been here, we have not had a bad dish yet. It indeed surprises me usually to contend that, though any dish Ive had here has been good. Whether a pasta, schnitzel, bread or cheese. But we theory my altogether favorite dish would substantially be we dont unequivocally know how to contend it in German though a a schnitzel with cheese on it. Its great. Probably my favorite thing here. A good small German meal.

Thanks again for all your time and best of fitness starting your Scirocco R-Cup career. We demeanour brazen to checking in with we after this deteriorate to see how a going.

It was good articulate with we guys, and we wish a Volkswagen Enthusiasts find it interesting.

VW enthusiasts can locate a racing movement online from a 2011 Scirocco R-Cup deteriorate at:

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