Hey folks, Bear E. White here. As we schooled in my initial ever blog post, a 2013 Escape is a good SUV built for a city. But how does it hoop in a good outdoors? My unnamed lumberjack friend showed me only how versatile and prepared a Escape is to hoop all of your pushing needs!

The engineers during Ford place a large importance on a details, and not only in their mattock doing skills like a certain outside backer we know. The 2013 Escape is packaged with facilities to make your Canadian nation pushing some-more fit (fuel saving!) and as prolific as probable with organic technology.

The 2013 Escape Can Handle It!

At initial we doubted that a Escape could hoop my nation vital and pushing needs, though child was we wrong! The Escape is prepared and peaceful to draw adult to 3,500 pounds of wood, honey, trailer or anything else we need to pierce from a cabin to a campsite. And with facilities like Active Park Assist and a Blind Spot Information System, we outside folks can spend some-more time chopping timber and reduction time worrying behind a wheel.

Built with Features for Performance!

If we need to go male (or bear) to Mother Nature with your vehicle, a 2013 Escape competence be a good choice for you. With Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, EcoBoost engines and towing packages available, Escape is strong, solid and prepared to offer your many needs.

2013 Escape is Versatile!

It’s no tip that a lumberjack and we might not always determine on a best campsite. But when it comes to a best SUV to fit a needs in a country, or in a city, we determine on a 2013 Escape. Now, who wants some honey? we occur to have a accumulate underneath a behind seat!