Good ideas from employees: AUDI AG saves approximately €108.6 million in 2017

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Audi places significance on discerning and gaunt processes in a ideas management: Experts from a applicable departments inspect a employees’ suggestions during domicile and motionless directly on implementation. An online tool informs a employees about how a routine is surpassing and ensures limit transparency. An inner ideas group accompanies and advises a employees. The Audi employees accept financial rewards from a association for suggestions that are implemented, a volume of that depends on a assets achieved.

“We always inspire a employees to demeanour really closely during their possess operative area and to doubt a standing quo,” settled Joachim Kraege, Head of Organization and Consulting during AUDI AG, “because a creativity and expertise of everybody during Audi are essential success factors for us.” Klaus Mittermaier, Chairman of a Group Works Council during AUDI AG: “It is a workforce that creates a long‑term success of a code possible. The Audi Ideas Program shows that really clearly. So it’s really critical to us as members of a Works Council that a colleagues privately distinction from their alleviation suggestions.”

Often it is apparently small, unspectacular ideas from one’s possess operative area that urge processes, equivocate rubbish or make work easier. For example, dual auto‑mechatronics apprentices had a thought of imprinting torque‑wrench sockets immature and red. The tone complement eases a wise of a sockets, prevents a wrong use of a apparatus and therefore saves time.

Thanks to a thought of dual employees in engine development, Audi saves approximately €100,000 any year. The dual upkeep workers beheld that a movement systems in their buildings were handling day and night. Their suggestion: shortening a fans’ speed when no‑one is present. Meanwhile, a movement systems are switched on during a week usually from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.

In a area of peculiarity assurance, 3 employees softened a process of measuring automobile doors: They reduced a time compulsory to adjust a measuring instruments from 34 to only 18 minutes for any door. As a result, they and their colleagues save 200 operative hours any year, in that they can now combine on other tasks.

There has been an worker idea intrigue during Audi for 50 years now, and a Ideas Program has existed in a stream form since 1994. The Audi Group has determined ideas programs also during a other plants in Europe. In Győr and Brussels, a association implemented some-more than 10,100 employee suggestions in 2017 and so saved approximately €33 million.

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