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, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (UAE)


After a deteriorate of startling success in 2011, that saw Nissan win championship titles opposite a board, a 2012 deteriorate is revved adult and prepared to go subsequent week during a Dubai 24 Hours.

There will be 3 Nissan cars in movement in Dubai, all with unequivocally opposite reasons for being there, though all focused on success.

Nissan’s code new GT3 car, a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3, will contest in a A6 category in a hands of Michael Krumm (GER), Tom Kimber-Smith (UK), Franck Mailleux (FRA) and Alex Buncombe (UK). Those 4 drivers paint championships won in 2011, namely FIA GT1 World Driver’s Championship, a Le Mans Series LMP2 title, a Intercontinental Le Mans Cup LMP2 pretension and a Blancpain Endurance Series’ GT4 crown. Dubbed a ‘Champions Car’ a GT3-specification Nissan GT-R celebrates a successes of 2011 while stability a new car’s complete exam and growth programme.

“2011 was a good year for Nissan and we am unequivocally many looking brazen to racing a new GT3 automobile in Dubai,” commented Krumm. “The Nissan GT-R took us all a approach to a tip in 2011 so we wish we can have a good competition with a new car. It’s good to applaud a successful 2011 for Nissan and I’m vehement to see how a GT Academy guys get on in a ‘All-Gamer’ car.”

Perhaps a many sparkling entrance is of march a Nissan 370Z with an all-gamer motorist line-up. The 4 winners of Nissan/PlayStation GT Academy will competition together in a initial ever all-gamer organisation in a vital race. The many new winners, Jann Mardenborough (UK) and Bryan Heitkotter (USA), warranted their place in a Dubai 24 Hours when they won GT Academy final summer. Since afterwards they have been on one of a steepest training curves possible to make certain they are adult to speed for such a daunting race. Joining a newest recruits will be dual ‘old hands’, a winners of Seasons One and Two, Lucas Ordonez (ESP) and Jordan Tresson (FRA). Lucas was a new child in Dubai in 2009 though only 3 years after he is an general champion.

“It’s a good feeling for me to go behind to Dubai as this is where it all unequivocally started for me, only 3 years ago,” pronounced Ordonez. “I know that Jann (Mardenborough) and Bryan (Heitkotter) will be unequivocally shaken though also unequivocally vehement to take their GT Academy esteem and contest in this race. we also know what an complete growth programme they have been on so they are some-more than prepared for a hurdles brazen of them. we wish that, along with Jordan (Tresson), we can assistance them to a good result. It’s going to be a tough competition due to a feverishness though we am assured that Jann and Bryan will infer that they are genuine racing drivers now, only as Jordan and we did final year.”

There will be a third Nissan competing in a competition subsequent week as RJN Motorsport will run a second Nissan 370Z for Humaid Al Masaood (UAE), Richard Meaden (UK) and Tetsuya Tanaka (JAP).

“I have competed successfully in a prior dual Dubai 24hr with my possess group so to be invited to competition with Nissan and their 3 automobile attack is a good honour and a new challenge,” pronounced Al Masaood. “Although we am now racing in a USA there is something unequivocally special about racing in my internal 24hr as it is this competition that has helped me rise as driver. we am looking brazen to operative with Nissan and my co-drivers and hopefully delivering a good result. It is unequivocally enlivening to see Nissan bringing gifted immature drivers into motorsport by GT Academy and we am penetrating to see drivers from a Gulf segment be given a event to start racing by such a veteran program.”

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