“Green Hell” calling: BMW teams and drivers energetically available a Nürburgring 24 Hours.

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Munich. One of a highlights of a 2018 continuation season
takes place this weekend: a Nürburgring 24 Hours (GER). Over 40
BMW foe cars will be in movement in a “Green Hell”, including five
BMW M6 GT3s.

ROWE Racing will margin dual cars with works support from BMW
Motorsport. The third automobile in a margin is a Shell Helix BMW M6
GT3, with BMW works motorist Augusto Farfus (BRA) among those sharing
a pushing duties.

Walkenhorst Motorsport and Falken Motorsports will run the
remaining dual cars in a tip SP9 category. BMW Motorsport Juniors
Beitske Visser (NED) and Nico Menzel (GER) will be during a circle of
a #60 Sorg Rennsport BMW M4 GT4. They will be ably assisted by
Dirk Adorf (GER), who mentors a BMW Motorsport Juniors, and the
gifted Tom Coronel (NED).


Quotes brazen of a Nürburgring 24 Hours:


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“Last weekend, we kicked off a deteriorate in Europe with a BMW M4 DTM
and a BMW M8 GTE. Next adult is one of a comprehensive highlights of the
year for a BMW M6 GT3. For certain a idea is to explain the
20th feat for BMW during a Nürburgring 24 Hours. However,
we can't count on feat during what is presumably a toughest endurance
foe in a world. You always need a small bit of fitness too. As well
as a conflict for altogether victory, a concentration during this special foe will
once again be on a hordes of BMW patron teams, who will take on
a Nordschleife in many opposite BMW cars. we am also extraordinary to see
BMW Motorsport Juniors Beitske Visser and Nico Menzel during a circle of
a BMW M4 GT4. The 24-hour foe is a genuine festival of motorsport.”


Hans-Peter Naundorf (team principal ROWE Racing):

“Our idea for a 24-hour foe is indeed a unequivocally elementary one: We want
to go one improved than final year’s second place. As elementary as that may
sound, it will be tough to achieve. At this singular foe on the
toughest circuit in a world, and opposite so many top-quality
opposition, we need to sojourn fully-focussed and work precisely – not
only for 24 hours, though for a full 4 days – and we simply cannot
means to make any mistakes. We have come unequivocally tighten to achieving
a dream of altogether feat on several occasions in new years, but
we have always been lacking that small bit of fitness we need. We have
prepared unequivocally good this year. Victory in a second turn of a VLN
and second place in a gift foe have shown that a idea is
a picturesque one. we am unapproachable of a high-quality group of drivers we
have fabricated together with a partner BMW Motorsport.”


Tom Blomqvist (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing):

“ROWE Racing is informed to me as we gathering for a guys before. It is
a good group so hopefully we will be means to get a good result. As a
motorist a 24-hour foe is a illusory event. The pleasure we get
pushing a foe automobile around a circuit such as a Nordschleife is
substantially a many we can get.”


Nick Catsburg (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing):

“I am unequivocally looking brazen to a Nürburgring 24 Hours – in fact,
it is my favourite eventuality of a year. We have a clever automobile and good
drivers. Our formula in a VLN and a gift foe have been
unequivocally promising. we feel that we are unequivocally good prepared.”


John Edwards (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing):

“The Nordschleife is a coolest racetrack in a world. we am really
vehement each time we get to expostulate there. we have driven in a 24-hour
foe a few times, though have not unequivocally had good formula so far.
Hopefully that will change this year with ROWE Racing.”


Richard Westbrook (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing):

“After finishing second twice in 3 years with BMW a feat has
to be a target. Of march that will be not be easy as ever the
foe is unequivocally clever from several manufacturers. From a side
preparations have left unequivocally well. All my team-mates and we have a
good feeling of a automobile and have finished a lot of using without
any issues.”


Connor De Phillippi (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing):

“I am unequivocally looking brazen to my initial tour as a BMW works driver
during a Nürburgring 24 Hours, and with it a eventuality to repeat my
altogether feat from final year. The BMW M6 GT3 is quite strong
on a Nordschleife. We have shown a speed in a VLN races. We now
wish we can repeat that gait during a prominence of a season.”


Jesse Krohn (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing):

“I am gay to be behind during this pretentious event. Our patrol of
drivers during ROWE Racing is fantastic, and preparations have also gone
unequivocally well. It is now all about being out in front when it unequivocally matters.”


Alexander Sims (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing):

“After final year’s second place, we would apparently unequivocally like to be
one step aloft on a lectern this time. The BMW M6 GT3 looks good
with a Evo package and has had some good formula during a Nürburgring
in a run-up to a 24-hour race. As such, we are in a good position.
However, there is substantially no 24-hour foe in a universe that is more
formidable to win than a foe on a Nordschleife. It is one of the
biggest hurdles for me as a racing driver, though it is also a lot of
fun each time.”


Martin Tomczyk (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing):

“I am apparently unequivocally looking brazen to a Nürburgring 24 Hours. I
have driven in this foe with BMW for many years. Unfortunately, I
have not won it yet. We have come tighten a few times and could
theoretically have won it twice – though that is partial and parcel of the
Nürburgring. It is a large challenge, and many opposite factors play a
purpose there.”


Augusto Farfus (#102 Shell Helix BMW M6 GT3)

“The Nürburgring 24 Hours is one of my unequivocally favourite races on the
calendar. The conditions is new for me this year, with a new team, new
teammates and opposite tyres. However, we trust we are good equipped
and we will try to get a limit out of a package. It will be
critical for us to have a trouble-free race. If we can conduct that,
afterwards we will be in for a good result.”


Jens Klingmann (#33 BMW M6 GT3, Falken Motorsports):

“This is my initial year with a Falken Motorsports team, though a two
basic races have given me copiousness of eventuality to get to know
all a team-members and my associate drivers. we am unequivocally tender by the
knowledge and professionalism of a team. we have been done to feel
unequivocally acquire there from a outset, that is a unequivocally critical aspect
to me. All in all, we am unequivocally confident about a chances in the
24-hour race.”


Nico Menzel (#60 BMW M4 GT4, Sorg Rennsport):

“The 24-hour foe gives us a eventuality to spend an awful lot of
time on a many formidable lane in a universe with a automobile that we run
in a GT4 European Series. we am unequivocally looking brazen to a race
and to pushing alongside a Junior coach Dirk Adorf. we also have two
illusory teammates from a Netherlands, in Beitske Visser and Tom
Coronel. It is going to be an overwhelming weekend.”


Beitske Visser (#60 BMW M4 GT4, Sorg Rennsport):

“I am unequivocally looking brazen to my initial start during a Nürburgring 24
Hours. we performed my assent for a Nordschleife final year and can
frequency wait to learn as many as probable from my 3 colleagues, who
have a lot of knowledge on this track.”


An overview of a motorist line-ups in comparison BMW cars:


#98 BMW M6 GT3:

Tom Blomqvist (GBR)

Nick Catsburg (NED)

John Edwards (USA)

Richard Westbrook (GBR)


#99 BMW M6 GT3:

Connor De Phillippi (USA)

Jesse Krohn (FIN)

Alexander Sims (GBR)

Martin Tomczyk (GER)


#102 BMW M6 GT3:

Augusto Farfus (BRA)

Christian Krognes (NOR)

Markus Palttala (FIN)

Fabian Schiller (GER)


#101 BMW M6 GT3:

Ralf Oeverhaus (GER)

Jordan Tresson (FRA)

Henry Walkenhorst (GER)

Andreas Ziegler (GER)




#33 BMW M6 GT3:

Peter Dumbreck (GBR)

Stef Dusseldorp (NED)

Alexandre Imperatori (SUI)

Jens Klingmann (GER)


#60 BMW M4 GT4:

Dirk Adorf (GER)

Tom Coronel (NED)

Nico Menzel (GER)

Beitske Visser (NED)


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